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Product Name Femilon
Active Ingredient Desogestrel, ethinyl estradiol
Effect contraception
Packing 21 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time 7~14 days
Target Gender Women
Manufacturer MSD
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Product Details Femilon Tablet

Features of Femilon Tablet

Femilon Tablet is a generic version of Marcilon, an oral contraceptive.

Two active ingredients, desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol, promote changes in the properties of the endometrium, resulting in inhibition of implantation of the fertilized egg.

In addition, it also causes changes in the properties and composition of cervical mucus, preventing pregnancy by inhibiting the passage of sperm into the uterine cavity.

It is a popular product with high safety, tolerability, versatility, and high contraceptive effect.

You can use contraception while keeping costs down while having the same effects as Marcilon.

Effect of Femilon Tablet

Although Femilon is an ultra-low dose pill, it can be expected to have various effects in addition to the almost certain contraceptive effect.

It is of course taken for contraceptive purposes, but it is also recommended to take it for the treatment of ovarian cysts and the treatment / prevention of acne.

Femilon dosing cycle

By taking a certain active ingredient for 21 consecutive days at a fixed time every day, it is effective in contraception with 28 days including the drug holiday as one cycle.

Indications for Femilon Tablet

Femilon relieves the worries peculiar to women.

  • Those who do not want to become pregnant
  • Those who strongly feel side effects with other drugs
  • Those who want to contraceptive mainly by women
  • Those who are worried about menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, etc.
  • Those who want to improve premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Active ingredient of Femilon Tablet

Desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol, female hormones, are included as the active ingredients of Femilon Tablet.

By taking it, it suppresses the growth of the endometrium, relieves menstrual pain, misunderstands that the brain is after ovulation, and prevents ovulation.

Femilon Tablet content / content

One box is for one cycle. It is a 21-tablet type drug that requires a drug holiday.

Each Femilon tablet contains 0.15 mg of desogestrel / 0.02 mg of ethinyl estradiol.

Pharmaceutical company

  • MSD

MSD is an American pharmaceutical company that develops a wide range of medicines for lifestyle-related diseases and alopecia. We have thick pipelines all over the world.


How to take Femilon Tablet

Take 1 tablet daily for 21 days.

When you start taking it for the first time, start taking it on the first day of your period and try to take it at the same time every day as much as possible. After taking 21 days, there will be a 7-day washout period.

Taking Femilon Tablet and drug holiday

21 days of continuous administration + 7 days of drug holiday, 28 days in total is “1 cycle”. Femilon Tablet does not have a placebo (a placebo that does not contain any ingredients) to be taken to prevent forgetting to take during the drug holiday.

Please be careful not to forget your medication habit during the 7-day washout period.

The contraceptive effect continues by taking the drug repeatedly during the period when you do not want to become pregnant.

Precautions when taking Femilon Tablet

Strict adherence to the dosage regimen It is very important to follow the prescribed dosage regimen for this medicine.

Take it at almost regular times every day to avoid forgetting to take it. If you miss a dose, you are more likely to become pregnant.

Menstruation usually begins during the drug holiday. Start taking new pill sheets on the 29th day, whether your period is over or continuing.

What to do if you miss a dose If you miss a dose within 24 hours, take the missed dose when you notice it, and take the same dose at the normal time. In other words, you will take 2 tablets that day.

However, if 24 hours have passed since you missed a dose, the contraceptive effect will diminish, so stop taking that cycle, wait for the next menstruation, and start taking again from a new sheet.

Side effects

Main side effects

Due to the nature of ultra- low dose pills such as nausea, vomiting, irregular bleeding, malaise, headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain, menorrhagia, rash, swelling, breast discomfort, and visual impairment, there are few side effects. There are individual differences in symptoms.

It is genital bleeding that tends to occur about 1 to 2 months after starting to drink.

Symptoms subside while you continue to take the drug, but if you continue to bleed for a long period of time, stop taking the drug and consult your doctor.

Rare side effects

If you continue to have severe diarrhea or vomiting, it is difficult for the medicine to be absorbed and you are more likely to become pregnant, so use other contraceptive methods together. As with many contraceptives, there is a considerable risk of thrombosis.

Sudden pain or swelling in the legs, severe headaches, tangled tongue, sudden shortness of breath, or sudden visual impairment may be signs of thrombosis.

For early detection and treatment, if you have any of these symptoms, do not overdo it and stop taking it and seek medical attention immediately.

Precautions for use

People who are careful about taking Femilon Tablet

The following people should be careful about taking.

  • Those who are 35 years old or older
  • Those who smoke
  • Those who are obese
  • Those who have diabetes or have abnormal glucose tolerance
  • Those who have cardiovascular disorders
  • Those who have migraine
  • Persons or direct blood relatives Those who have high levels of fat (cholesterol or triglyceride) in their blood, those who are concerned about hereditary blood coagulation disorders, those who plan to have surgery within 4 weeks, those who are within 2 weeks after surgery, and those who have postpartum Those within 4 weeks, those who have been at rest for a long time, those who have a history of severe depression in the past, those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, those who have liver disorders
  • Those who have had thrombosis in the past Those who have kidney disorder, those who have epilepsy, those who have tuberculosis, those who have high blood pressure, those who have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative bowel disease (chronic inflammatory bowel disease), those who have systemic erythematosus, Those with hemolytic urinary toxicosis syndrome, those with sickle red anemia, those with surface thrombotic venitis, varicose veins, and those with croamama (local pigmentation of the skin located on the face) should be exposed to direct sunlight. Be careful not to. Please consult your doctor before taking.

Caution for combined use of Femilon Tablet

There are some that should be used together.

  • Antiepileptic drugs including primidone, phenytoin, phenobarbital, carbamatepine, oxycarbazepine, topiramate, felvamate, modafinyl , etc. Foods containing Bosentan , St. John’s Wort (St. John’s Wort) , a treatment for hepatitis virus infection (Boseprevir, Terraprevir) or other infectious diseases (Glyceofrubin) If you take it, or if you are taking oral contraceptives, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

People who should not take Femilon Tablet

The following people cannot use this medicine:

  • Those who have experienced a hypersensitive reaction with the components contained in Femilon Tablet in the past
  • Those who have thrombotic venitis , pulmonary embolism, cerebrovascular disorder, coronary artery disease or have had these diseases in the past
  • Persons with diseases that affect blood coagulation
  • Persons with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
  • Persons who have had a heart attack or stroke in the past
  • Persons who have experienced angina or temporary ischemic attack Those with severe diabetes with vascular injury, those with abnormal lipid metabolism, those with non-mild hypertension, those with
    hyperhomocysteineemia, those with migraine, those with serious liver damage Those who have a tumor in the liver, those who have pancreatitis associated with high levels of fatty substances in the blood,
  • Those who are pregnant or may be pregnant, those who have abnormal genital bleeding for which the diagnosis has not been confirmed
  • Persons with or suspected of having estrogen-dependent malignant tumors (breast cancer, endometrial cancer, etc.) or cervical cancer
  • Ombitasvir hydrate
  • Paritaprevir hydrate
  • Litonavir combination drug (Vikilux) Those who are using combination tablets) People who fall under the above may have strong side effects by using this medicine.

Contraindicated drug for Femilon Tablet

There are some medicines that should not be used in combination with this medicine.

  • Ombitasvir hydrate
  • Paritaprevir hydrate
  • Ritonavir combination drug (Vikilux combination tablet) If you are using other medicines or if you are using a new drug, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Storage method and handling precautions

How to store Femilon Tablet

  • Store at room temperature (1 to 30 ° C) away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
  • It does not need to be stored in the refrigerator and should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Avoid the possibility of accidentally taking it.
  • If any medicine remains, dispose of it without storing it. It is a medicine that can be effective by taking it for a certain period of time every day for one cycle in one box. Do not take extra medicine.

Precautions for handling Femilon Tablet

  • Do not take medicines that have passed the expiration date. It may not be effective or may affect your body.
  • Do not take any medicines left on the sheet you stopped taking. It is a medicine that can be effective by taking it for a certain period of time every day for one cycle in one box. Discard the remaining medicine and start taking a new one.

Product information

Femilon Tablet product classification

Prescription drugs:

Drugs including herbal medicines and crude drugs have strong effects and may cause side effects depending on the constitution and symptoms.

You do not need a doctor’s prescription for personal imports, but please check carefully for any of these concerns when using.

Femilon Tablet shape / dosage form

  • Oral type tablets

Target gender of Femilon Tablet

  • Adult women for the purpose of contraception, improvement of menstrual pain, improvement of PMS, etc.

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Shipping / Packing

Country of shipmen

  • India

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