Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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What is an ED treatment drug? -Preliminary knowledge for improving ED

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What is an ED treatment drug?

ED ( Erectile Dysfunction ) is a disease that many men suffer from.
ED refers to a condition in which sufficient erection cannot be obtained or maintained during sexual intercourse and satisfactory sexual intercourse cannot be achieved.

There is also a research report that as many as 11.3 million men are suffering from ED .
One in four men say that they can’t have sexual activity sometimes, if not always.

There is no need to give up saying “I can’t help it because I’m aging” or “I can’t help it because I have a lot of work stress”.

Currently, various ED treatments are on the market.

Not to mention those in their 30s and 40s who are in the prime of their work, but there are also many people in their 60s and 70s who think that they should have been treated earlier.
Let’s face ED with a little courage and realize a comfortable sexual life.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Symptoms

There are various people who suffer from ED, including elderly people, working salaried workers, overly stressful work, nervous and atrophied people, people with trauma, etc. Symptoms are also different.

If you have only one symptom of “erection does not last or can not be maintained” and you are living a satisfying sexual life after that, it is not necessarily ED.

The definition of ED = erectile dysfunction is “a condition in which an erectile dysfunction cannot be obtained even when given sexual arousal material, and the sexual life is unsatisfactory.” In other words, if the man himself is aware of this condition, he will be diagnosed with ED.

Erection is a physiological phenomenon triggered by sexual stimulation in healthy adults. The details of the erection mechanism will be described later, but to put it simply, an erection is caused by a large amount of blood flowing into the corpus cavernosum of the male genitalia.

There are various causes, but the important point is to “improve blood flow” in order to improve the dysfunction that causes poor blood flow and prevents erection.

Face the individual background and causes of ED, find a treatment that suits you, and take a step towards a trouble-free nightlife.

Main ED symptoms

Symptoms of ED vary from patient to patient.

“I get excited when I get sexual stimulation, but I can’t get an erection.” “It takes a long time to get an erection.” “I’m taking naturally-derived energetic agents such as maca and maca, but I can’t have sexual intercourse that I’m fully satisfied with,” and “I’m not confident in sexual activity.”

There are also free ED self-checks that do not require you to enter personal information on the Internet, so if you are interested, please try them.

The causes of ED vary from person to person.
Some people are stressed by work, aging, and tired, while others are caused by lifestyle-related diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

ED caused by stress is called psychogenic ED.
In addition, ED caused by hypertension, dyslipidemia, arteriosclerosis left untreated, and poor blood circulation is called organic ED.

Drug-induced ED can also be caused by drugs that you are taking for other diseases.

The inability to obtain or maintain an erection with sexual stimulation and to have satisfactory intercourse with a partner is classified as one of the above EDs.

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