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What is a penis enlargement supplement? Effectively solves short and small problems! ~

What is a penis enlargement supplement?

There is a survey result that many USA people have a complex in the size of the penis. The size of Westerners you see in the media and adult videos is certainly large, but did you know that young people today are also getting bigger due to the westernization of their lifestyles?

From this fact, it is thought that penis size is more likely to be determined by acquired factors rather than heredity, and there are many reports that the size could be increased by actually using penis enlargement supplements. I have. This time, I would like to explain how to effectively solve USA short-term problems with penis enlargement supplements.

What if you get an erection? I want to know the average size of USA people

I think that all men have wondered at least once what their penis size is, but there aren’t many opportunities to actually compare it with others. I think it’s about looking at the erection size of the actor who is out.

Therefore, as a result of investigating what the average size of the USA penis (normal time and erection) is, the USA penis is about 9.2 cm in normal time and about 13.1 cm in full erection . Was the average size.

How to measure penis size

People’s penises are ten different. Since the sense of size changes depending on the degree of warping, etc., the data cannot be established unless a standard is determined and the correct measurement method is used. Medically, it is measured upright with the penis in a horizontal position and measured along the top of the penis from the tip of the glans to the base of the pubic bone. This is the most standard method of measuring the penis internationally, and it allows you to measure the exact length even if it is warped or curved.

TENGA, a major USA adult goods manufacturer, also uses this method to measure the average penis size of USA people, and the medical company “Andromedical”, which publishes urology magazines, also uses this measurement method internationally. average size statistics.

USA average size at the time of erection

The average USA size of 13.1 cm is categorized in the third group along with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, etc., and Group 2 includes Australia, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Sweden, and the average is 14.7 cm.

West Africa has the largest penis size, with countries such as Ghana, Gabon and Congo averaging 16 cm or more in Group 1.

World average size at erection

Next, I would like to select 17 countries that are closely related to USA and introduce the average size of penis by group.

  • Group 1 (average 16 cm or more): Ghana, Gabon, Congo, etc.
  • Group 2 (average 14.7 cm or more): Australia, Mexico, Norway, Italy, Sweden, etc.
  • Group 3 (average 12.9 cm to 14.7 cm): USA, France, Germany, UK, USA, etc.
  • Group 4 (average 10.9-12.9cm): Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.
  • Group 5 (average 9.3-10.5cm): India, China, Korea, etc.

It is speculated that the United States, France, and the United Kingdom, where there are many black people, are the same group as USA, and that African blacks and Western blacks have the same roots, but their sizes are different.

Since USA has been westernized from an early stage in Asia, the theory that the size changes depending on lifestyle rather than heredity is becoming more prevalent.

penis shape

The average shape of the USA penis is that the central part is swollen, and the root and the bottom of the potash are slightly slender. Many Germans have a thick shape under the potash.

Even in South America, which is the same as going to the Americas, Chile is extremely tapered, and Mexico has a shape very similar to the USA. Americans feel straight, but the center is slightly thicker and hangs down, and Brazilians are as tapered as Chile. On the other hand, looking at Asia, India and South Korea tend to be almost straight.

Four types of classification are possible. Even within the same Asian group, the “thick center type” that is common among USA people is common among Hispanics, Native Americans, and Americans.

There is a theory that the roots of the USA are similar to those of the Mongoloids (the central part of the Eurasian Continent) and Native Americans who are said to have migrated from there to the Americas. As far as the shape and size of the are concerned, the former theory may be more influential.

shape of glans

The penis is divided into the scrotum, penis, and glans, so let’s compare the shapes of the glans.

In addition, the size of the glans can be further divided into large, medium and small. First of all, the shape of the USA glans that is of concern is that it is Karita and the size of the glans is a little smaller, and Westerners (especially Caucasians and Hispanics) have a large glans and many of them.

Even among South Americans, Native American blood-rich areas (Chile, Mexico, Brazil, etc.) are tapered and potassium is not so large, but in Central America, the same tendency as in North America appears. Asians other than USA are almost straight.

Ingredients that increase penis size

The penis is made of muscle, which is particularly elastic in the human body and has a lot of blood flow in and out, so it’s the same as muscle training.

Penis enlargement supplements mainly contain ingredients that help build muscle, and in particular, “citrulline,” “arginine,” and “ornithine,” which we will introduce, are known to have a high penis enlargement effect. From here, I will explain how effective these three ingredients are in penis enlargement.


A component found in Cucurbitaceae plants such as watermelon and gourd, it is a kind of free amino acid. “Free” means that the composition is unstable and it is easily combined with other substances and has the property of being easily changed. This ingredient is a high-profile ingredient discovered in USA.

Citrulline has been shown to have a high vasodilatory effect. It is a component that is also included in her protein supplement used for muscle training, and it is known that it is deeply involved in the synthesis of a component called urea that regulates the texture of cells from ammonia.

When an erection senses a sexual stimulus, commands are transmitted from the brain via the spinal cord, nitric oxide and cyclic GMP are released into the blood vessels, a large amount of blood flows into the penile arteries, and the penile veins are compressed. It happens when it expands into a pan.

In other words, by ingesting citrulline, which has a high “effect of increasing blood flow”, it helps the action of nitric oxide, which also has a vasodilatory effect, and makes it easier for blood to be pumped into the penile arteries. It also has a muscle-building effect and an energy-building effect, so it can be said to be a beneficial component for penis enlargement overall.


Arginine is an amino acid (non-essential amino acid) that can be produced in the body, but it is known that the amount synthesized decreases with age, and the amount decreases to about half when compared to men in their 20s and 40s. It is an ingredient that is recommended to be ingested through food or supplements.

It is a very important ingredient for humans, and its effect of promoting the secretion of growth hormone is especially beneficial for penis enlargement . It has been shown to have a strengthening effect.

The penis is also a muscle tissue, so if you take arginine and train it, it will grow thicker. The most effective training for that is “to ejaculate”.

Mammals originally have a habit of having sex to preserve the species, but in order to deliver sperm to the egg more reliably, a longer penis is better, so increasing the number of ejaculations strengthens the muscles of the prostate and penis. can be expected to increase in size. At this time, arginine’s “action to activate growth hormone” is considered beneficial.


Ornithine is a substance synthesized from arginine in the body, and is an important substance that works in the liver, which is connected to many blood vessels. Like citrulline, it is a type of free amino acid.

In recent years, research on ornithine has progressed, and it is known that it is involved in muscle synthesis, improvement of fatigue recovery, and activation of growth hormone in the body. Since a large amount of energy is required to recover from fatigue and activate growth hormone, it can be seen that it is a substance deeply related to energy metabolism.

The liver is an organ that is involved in the synthesis and decomposition of various substances, so much that it is called the chemical factory in the body. It is known that clams contain a lot of clams in food, and ornithine can be expected to recover from a hangover, that is, to restore liver function, by drinking clam miso soup.

Furthermore, the high fatigue recovery effect of ornithine fills the motivation, and it is expected that the increase effect will be improved by training the penis and prostate by increasing the number of times of sex and masturbation.

What you can do to improve your short penis

It is widely known that the penis is made of muscle and spongy tissue that absorbs blood and expands, and the penile artery is also a type of blood vessel, so it is also made of flexible muscle. If you train your muscles, they will become thicker and stronger, and your penis is no exception.

On the contrary, recent studies have shown that penis has a high rate of expansion and contraction, so it tends to grow larger when trained. Due to the early adoption of Western lifestyles in Asia, it is known that men in their 20s and 40s have larger penis sizes than those older.

From this, it can be fully expected that the penis size will be increased by lifestyle and use (training) rather than heredity .

training steadily

The penis is also made of muscle, so weight training increases the amount of muscle. It has been. Especially if you train the prostate gland, the expansion rate of the penis will increase.

Also, when you want to increase the length, it is better to do “pulling training”. The penis is in a state where about 2/3 of the normal time is buried in the body, and it is fixed by a tissue called “wana ligament”. By pulling the penis in various directions, up, down, left, and right, this trapping ligament is loosened, making it difficult for the penis to become buried. I’m going to show you.

As you get older and the number of erections decreases, does the Wana ligament become stiffer and smaller in size? Some people feel that, so please try to practice training steadily first.

Penis enlargement supplement

The popular penis enlargement supplements on the internet have something in common. They are “highly safe domestic product”, “contains increasing ingredients such as arginine, citrulline and ornithine”, and “ships without knowing the contents”. In addition, you can purchase penis enlargement supplements that are not yet approved in USA on overseas mail order sites and personal import agency sites.

I searched the internet and found that the popular penis enlargement supplements in USA are “Vitox”, “Virility Bills “, ” Megamax Ultra “, ” Penisole “, ” Megamax Pro “.

All of them contain “Arginine” and “Citrulline” as the main ingredients, and more than 50 to 100 types of naturally-derived energy-enhancing ingredients such as zinc, maca, tongkat ali, muiapurama, soft-shelled turtle extract, and caffeine are blended. There are many types, and the mainstream type is expected to be effective not only for penis enlargement but also for sexual enhancement.

size up gel

Size-up gels and size-up creams are cheaper than supplements and have side effects. Almost never.

It has the advantage that it can be used as a substitute for lotion to improve slippage during sex and masturbation, and it is easy to obtain a massage effect by using it together during training. It can also be used in the bath, so you can use it without your family knowing.

Similar to supplements, some types contain “citrulline,” “arginine,” “ornithine,” and “capsaicin” to enhance the thermal effect.

Penis enlargement summary

It is said that many USA men have complexes about the size of their penis, but recent research suggests that increasing blood flow to the blood vessels in the penis can not only prevent or improve erectile dysfunction, but can also be expected to increase size . I understand.

Like the arms, chest, and abdomen, the penis is made of muscle, so if you train it, it will grow. On the contrary, if you do not use it (do not ejaculate), it will become thin like other muscles.

We know that active ingredients such as “citrulline,” “arginine,” and “ornithine” can help build muscle, so don’t give up and take on the challenge.

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