Regarding Delivery

Free shipping on orders over $100

Handling time: - 2 to 3 business days

Parcels will be delivered to buyers in USA in 7-14 days

Parcels will be delivered to buyers worldwide in 7-18 days

After confirming payment, the ordered product will be shipped to the post office by registered mail.

* Products specified by the delivery company are excluded.

Delivery time is about 7 to 14 days.
It may take longer than planned due to unexpected international conditions such as flight status in the shipping country and holidays at the customs counter due to “Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays”.

For important medicines that require regular administration, we recommend ordering with sufficient delivery time. Please purchase as soon as possible.

About shipping fee, agency fee, consumption tax

For products ordered from the, we accept a uniform shipping fee of $9.99 worldwide.
Free shipping for purchases over $100

Private import agency fees are free.
There is no consumption tax and you can order overseas medicines at a low price.

There are many reasons, such as those who cannot go to the hospital because they are too far away, those who want to reduce expensive medical expenses as much as possible, and those who cannot buy the medicines they need at their own convenience. I would like to purchase it.
In the drug shopping department, we are working to reduce the burden on our customers.

About Packaging

Since it is an individual/business import from overseas, it will be a delivery note for international flights.

The sender’s name is not the name of the
Only the country of origin is listed, or the trade name of the country of origin is used.
Please note that in most cases, the name of the country of shipment will be included when posting the absentee card.

The product name of the luggage is described as “(Personal) Healthcare Product”.
The product name and drug name of the order are not printed on the outer box, so you can receive the contents without the delivery staff or family members knowing.

* The delivery note is written in English or Other Language and varies depending on the shipping company.

The packaging box can be deformed, dented, or damaged during shipping. Please be assured that there will be almost no impact on the quality or use of the product.

When you receive your luggage, please make sure that the contents (the item you ordered) are not damaged.

After checking the contents, if there is a problem with the product (difference in product, difference in order quantity, damage to the extent that it cannot be used, etc.), we apologize for any inconvenience, but please contact us before using “Inquiry form“.

* When contacting the delivery company, it may be necessary to collect the contents and take a picture of the situation. Please refrain from using or destroying the actual product under investigation.

About Parcel Tracking Service

When delivery in the delivery country (local) is completed, we will notify you by e-mail of the “delivery number” issued to the package.

Easy tracking function

Customers can track their orders at any time.
Tracking an order allows the customer to estimate the location of the sample. And how long does it take to receive the sample?
The status of the track will be notified to your email.

Customers can be tracked at the following link: –

  • Click this link first or type
  • Then enter the commission number (tracking number) in the tracking box.
  • Then evaluate the expression.
  • Then click the Track Now button.
  • Then you will get an estimate of the location of your parcel.

This site does not contact the post office or delivery company after contacting the issuance of the “delivery number”. Please contact the post office / delivery company for the delivery status of the parcel.

If you do not receive your order within 1 month after payment, please contact us using the inquiry form. We will investigate the situation as soon as possible and reply to you.

Customs clearance (tariff)

Customs clearance refers to a series of procedures from the importer submitting an import declaration, performing prescribed inspections and inspections (payment of customs duties, consumption tax, etc. as necessary), and obtaining an import license. This is a necessary procedure for importing.

Customs Home Page  [Customs Duty Information ]

If customs duties are levied, you will be notified of the “International Postal Tax Notice” along with the parcel and you will be able to receive the parcel by paying the taxable amount.

If the specified quantity limit for personal import is exceeded, or if it is determined that the range for personal import is exceeded, the baggage will be subject to customs foreclosure. When ordering, please be careful not to exceed the quantity.

Rest assured that this site does not sell banned drugs or counterfeit products that are subject to foreclosure.

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