Formonide Inhaler 200


Product Name Formonide Inhaler
Active Ingredient Formoterol fumarate hydrate, budesonide
Effect Relief of symptoms such as bronchial asthma
Strength Formoterol (6mcg) + Budesonide (200mcg)
Delivery Time 7~14 days
Target Gender Unisex
Manufacturer German Remedy
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Product details of Formonide Inhaler

Features of Formonide Inhaler

Formonide Inhaler is a remedy to relieve the symptoms of bronchial asthma.

It is a generic drug of Symbicort, which is a treatment for bronchial asthma.

Like the original drug, Symbicort, it contains ingredients that widen the bronchi and make breathing easier, and ingredients that suppress inflammation.

It relieves the painful symptoms of bronchial asthma by reducing the inflammation that causes bronchial asthma and making breathing easier.

Effect of Formonide Inhaler

The active ingredients budesonide and formoterol are effective in relieving the symptoms of bronchial asthma.

Budesonide suppresses bronchial inflammation caused by asthma, and formoterol can be expected to have the effect of dilating the bronchi contracted by asthma.

Indications for Formonide Inhaler

Formonide Inhaler improves the following symptoms:

  • People with bronchial asthma
  • People who want to relieve symptoms of emphysema
  • People who want to relieve symptoms of chronic bronchitis
  • People who want to relieve symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Active ingredient of Formonide Inhaler

The active ingredients are budesonide and formoterol.
Budesonide can be expected to have the effect of suppressing bronchial inflammation.
Formoterol can be expected to have the effect of dilating the bronchi that have contracted due to asthma and making breathing easier.

Content and content of Formonide Inhaler

Each piece contains 120 times.

Contains 0.6 mg of formoterol fumarate hydrate / 200 mcg of budesonide per formonide.

Pharmaceutical company

  • German Remedy

German Remedy is a subsidiary of German Remedy Co., Ltd., which was established in India.
It is a world-famous company that developed the antibiotic “Augmentin”.


How to use Formonide Inhaler

Take one inhalation twice a day.

Exhale before inhalation, insert the inhalation port into your mouth, close your lips, and inhale deeply.

Remove the inhaler from your mouth before exhaling.
Gargle after use.

Recommended dose of Formonide Inhaler

Inhalation is twice daily, one inhalation at a time. Please note that it cannot be used in excess of the prescribed dose.

If you forget to inhale, inhale as soon as possible. However, if the second inhalation time is approaching, stop the forgotten portion and take the second inhalation. Avoid inhaling two doses at a time.

Please gargle after use. At that time, please do not swallow water.

Precautions when using Formonide Inhaler

  • Formonide Inhaler is not a drug that promptly stops bronchial asthma attacks.
  • Do not use as a medicine to stop seizures.
  • Keep the daily dose and do not use any more.

side effect

Main side effects

The main side effects are hoarseness and coughing with coughing due to the large amount of air in the lungs.

Others include muscle cramps, motivations, headaches and tremor.

Inflammatory effects include oral candidiasis, pneumonia, rash, contact dermatitis, and hypersensitivity.

Rare side effects

Rare side effects include anaphylactic shock and low serum potassium levels.

The frequency is very low, but if something goes wrong, please see the doctor immediately.

If you feel that the effects / side effects are strong

If you change the amount of inhalation at your own discretion or stop taking it, the asthma attack may recur.
Also, even if the symptoms are alleviated, do not change the amount of inhalation or stop taking it.

Precautions for use

Those who are careful about using Formonide Inhaler

The following people should be careful in using it.

  • Patients with infectious diseases
  • Patients with hyperthyroidism
  • Patients with high blood pressure
  • Patients with heart disease
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Patients with hypopotassium
  • Patients with severe hepatic dysfunction
  • Patients who are pregnant, pregnant Those who wish to have this, or elderly people (65 years old or older)
    , please consult your family doctor before use.

Precautions for using Formonide Inhaler

Concomitant precautions are medicines that require caution when taken in combination with Formonide 200.

  • The blood concentration of CYP3A4 inhibitor may increase.
  • Catecholamine may cause arrhythmia.
  • Xanthine derivatives, systemic steroids, diuretics May enhance the decrease in serum potassium level.
  • Beta blocker May antagonize β receptor.
  • Antiarrhythmic agents and tricyclic antidepressants may prolong the QT interval. Please consult your doctor before use.

People who should not use Formonide Inhaler

The following people cannot use this medicine:

  • People who have experienced a hypersensitive reaction with the ingredients contained in Formonide Inhaler in the past
  • Patients with infectious diseases and deep fungal diseases for which there is no effective antibacterial agent
  • Patients with tuberculosis disease , The side effects may be strong by using this medicine.

Storage method and handling precautions

Storage method

  • Avoid storing in hot and humid places, and store in a cool and dark place.
  • Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Handling precautions

  • Please follow the expiration date printed on the box.
  • When inhaling, do not bite the tip of the inhaler.
  • Do not use by anyone other than yourself.

Commodity information

Formonide Inhaler product classification

Prescription drugs: Generic drugs

Generic drugs are developed by other pharmaceutical companies using the same active ingredients after the patent period of the new drug has expired, and are strict on the premise that their efficacy and safety are equivalent to those of the new drug. A drug that has passed the test and has been approved by the government.

Formonide Inhaler shape / dosage form

  • Inhalation type spray

Target gender of Formonide Inhaler

  • Adult men and women for the treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Other Allergy Relief products

Shipping / Packing

Country of shipment

  • India

The sender’s name is not the name of the “lifetimePills”.
Only the name of the shipping country is listed, or the name of the shipping country vendor.
Please note that in most cases, the name of the shipping country will be stated when posting the absentee slip.

Since the product name and drug name of the order will not be printed on the outer box, the contents can be received without the delivery staff or family members knowing the contents.

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Pack Size

01 Box, 05 Box, 10 Box


German Remedies

About German Remedies Private Ltd. (Pharmaceutical company)

Company Name German Remedies Private Ltd.
location Mumbai, India
Year of establishment 1949
Official Website
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