Bimat Eye Drops


Product Name Bimat Eye Drops
Active Ingredient Bimatoprost
Effect Eyelash growth
Strength 0.03%
Delivery Time 7~14 days
Target Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma

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Product details of Bimat Eye Drops

Feature of Bimat Eye Drops

Bimatoprost, the main ingredient of Bimat Eye Drops, can be expected to have the effect of growing eyelashes in about 80% of people who have performed clinical results.

Feature of Bimat Eye Drops

In addition, since it is an ingredient approved as a pharmaceutical product in Japan and overseas as well as in the United States, it can be used with confidence. It is very easy to apply because it is only applied to the base of the eyelashes once a day before going to bed.

Effect of Bimat Eye Drops

Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Bimat Eye Drops, can prolong the “growth phase” by stimulating the hair follicles (the tissue that surrounds the hair roots).

This creates an environment in which eyelashes grow easily and are long, thick and easy to grow. It is also used to treat marginal disorders and ocular hypertension.


Bimat Eye Drops is recommended for the following people.

  • Those who want to thicken their eyelashes.
  • Those who want to grow their eyelashes.
  • Those who want to thicken their eyelashes.
  • Those who lose their eyelashes immediately.
  • Those who have glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

Active ingredient

The active ingredient in Bimat Eye Drops is Bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is an ingredient that has been approved for its effect of lowering intraocular pressure, but it was later approved as a treatment for eyelash deficiency because it was found to have the effect of thickening and lengthening eyelashes.

Content / contents

It will be 3 ml per piece.

Contains 0.03% bimatoprost.

Pharmaceutical company

Ajanta Pharma

Dosage of Bimat Eye Drops

how to use

After removing make-up and finishing skin care, use it last. Please apply after removing the contact. Apply a drop to the base of your lashes with a fine brush or applicator. Apply only once a day.

how to use

Recommended dose

Bimat Eye Drops will not be more effective if applied in large amounts. If the number of times is increased or the amount applied is increased, side effects such as pigmentation and eye irritation are likely to occur.

Please follow the application amount of 1 drop once a day. If the chemical solution gets on the skin of the eyelids, wipe it off or wash it off with water. When applied to the lower lashes, dark circle-like pigmentation may occur under the eyes.

If you apply it to the upper lashes, it will be effective for the lower lashes by blinking, so please do not apply it to the lower lashes.

Precautions when using

The effect does not increase even if the amount used increases. Side effects may occur, so please follow the dosage.
Hyperpigmentation may occur if the drug solution adheres to the skin. If there is a chemical solution, wipe it off or wash it off.

Side effects of Bimat Eye Drops

Main side effects

Side effects such as redness of the eyes, pigmentation around the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, and Kasumi eyes may occur. Red eye is especially common. If it does not fit after a while, please consult a medical institution.

Rare side effects

Rare side effects include corneal damage and increased melanin levels in the black eye. If you feel irritation in your eyes, discontinue use.

The color may change if the amount of melanin in the black eye increases. If you are concerned, please consult a doctor.

If you feel that the effects / side effects are strong

Discontinue use if you experience symptoms such as irritation to the eyes or continued discomfort. If you continue to feel uncomfortable even after discontinuing use, consult a medical institution and see a doctor. If you have any other concerns, please consult your doctor.

Precautions when using Bimat Eye Drops

People who are careful about use

The following people should be careful when using it.

  • Patients with aphakic eye or intraocular lens inserted eye.
  • Patients with endophthalmitis (iriditis, uveitis)
  • Patients with potential herpes virus.
  • Pregnant women, pregnant women, lactating women, etc.

Caution for combined use

There are some that you should be careful about when using them together.

  • There is a report that latanoprost increased intraocular pressure.

People who should not use

The following people cannot use this medicine.

Patients with a history of hypersensitivity to the ingredients of this drug.

How to store and handle Bimat Eye Drops

Storage method

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Handling precautions

  • Please use up as soon as possible after opening.
  • Clean the brush and applicator used for application by cleaning after use.
  • Do not use for anything other than eyelashes.

Bimat Eye Drops Product Information

Product classification

Prescription drugs: Generic drugs

Generic drugs are developed by other pharmaceutical companies using the same active ingredients after the patent period of the new drug has expired, and are strict on the premise that their efficacy and safety are equivalent to those of the new drug. It is a drug that has passed the test and has been approved by the government.

Shape / Dosage Form

  • Liquid for eye drops

Target gender

  • Adult men and women for the purpose of eyelash growth.

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Shipping / Packing

Country of shipment

  • India

The sender’s name is not the name of the “lifetimePills”.
Only the name of the shipping country is listed, or the name of the shipping country vendor.
Please note that in most cases, the name of the shipping country will be stated when posting the absentee slip.

Since the product name and drug name of the order will not be printed on the outer box, the contents can be received without the delivery staff or family members knowing the contents.

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Pack Size

01 Box, 03 Box, 05 Box


Ajanta Pharma

About Ajanta Pharma (Pharmaceutical company)

Ajanta Pharma Limited is a multinational company based in India engaged in development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations. It has a presence in India, the United States, and about 30 other countries in Africa, South East Asia, West Asia, and CIS. It was established in 1973. Ajanta Pharma has over 1,400 products registered currently in various countries and an equal number of products are under approval. In India, the company is a branded generic company focused on a few high growth specialty therapies in ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, and pain management.
Company Name Ajanta Pharma Ltd
location Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Year of establishment 1973
Representative Yogesh Agrawal
Official Website http://www.ajantapharma.com/
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