Aziderm Cream


Product Name Aziderm cream
Active Ingredient Azelaic acid
Effect Acne improvement, whitening effect
Strength 20%  w/w
Delivery Time 7~14 days
Target Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Microlab
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Product details of Aziderm cream

Features of Aziderm cream

The main component of Aziderm cream is azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is a component that is also contained in natural yeast and has a similar function to kojic acid.

When applied to the skin, it suppresses the secretion of excess sebum, preventing acne and improving pore clogging.

Furthermore, it suppresses the outbreak of P. acnes, which is the causative agent of acne. It also has a whitening effect, which helps to improve acne scars.

Effect of Aziderm cream

Azelaic acid contained in Aziderm cream is an ingredient that works similar to kojic acid, which is known as a whitening ingredient.

It is contained in natural yeast and is said to be highly safe. When applied to the skin, azelaic acid suppresses the secretion of excess sebum and prevents acne.

Indications for Aziderm cream

Aziderm cream improves the following symptoms.

  • People who are worried about adult acne.
  • People who are worried about adolescent acne.
  • People who are worried about acne scars.
  • People who want to whiten.

Active ingredient of Aziderm cream

The active ingredient, azelaic acid, prevents the secretion of excess sebum. The cause of acne is the growth of P. acnes by sebum. By preventing the secretion of excess sebum with azelaic acid, you can prevent acne from forming.

It also has the effect of suppressing inflammation, which helps to improve the acne that is currently occurring.

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Dosage of Aziderm cream

How to use Aziderm cream

Apply a small amount to clean skin after washing your face twice a day. After washing your face, use lotion or milky lotion to condition your skin, and finally use Aziderm cream. Do not apply over makeup.

Precautions when using Aziderm cream

If you use it with a lotion or serum that contains alcohol, you may feel irritation on your skin. When using Aziderm cream, do not use basic cosmetics containing alcohol. You may feel dry skin while using Aziderm cream, so keep your skin moisturized.

Side effects of Aziderm cream

Main side effects of Aziderm cream

Side effects such as itching, dry skin, and redness may occur. It also suppresses the secretion of sebum, which can make your skin dry and sensitive. Please keep moisturizing in mind.

If you feel that the effects and side effects of Aziderm cream are strong

If you feel itching or dryness, please moisturize. If you continue, discontinue use of Aziderm Cream.

Precautions when using Aziderm cream

Those who are careful about using Aziderm cream

The following people should be careful about their use:

  • People with sensitive skin.
  • People who have had an allergic reaction with Aziderm cream or azelaic acid in the past.

Precautions for storage and handling of Aziderm cream

How to store Aziderm cream

  • Store in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight.
  • Store in a place with low humidity.
  • Close the lid after use.

Precautions for handling Aziderm cream

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after applying Aziderm Cream.
  • Do not put in your mouth as it is an external medicine. It cannot be taken.
  • Do not use near mucous membranes such as around the eyes.
  • Do not use where there are scratches, cuts, eczema, etc


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It takes a long research period and enormous cost to launch a new drug.
Therefore, after filing a patent application, the developed pharmaceutical company can monopolize, manufacture and sell it, and during that time, efficacy and safety investigations and reexaminations are also conducted.

Shape / Dosage Form

  • Application type external application

Target gender

  • Men and women for the purpose of acne treatment.

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Shipping / Packing

Country of shipment

  • India

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