Eflora Cream


Product Name Eflora Cream
Active Ingredient Eflornithine
Effect Suppression of facial hair growth
Delivery Time 7~14 days
Target Gender Unisex
Manufacturer Sun Pharma

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Product details of Eflora Cream

Features of Eflora Cream

Eflora cream slows the growth of hair, so you don’t have to shave it often. As a result, you can keep your skin clean by reducing the damage to your skin.

Also, if you shave your hair with a razor, the next time you re-grow due to the nature of the hair, you will have thicker hair than before. However, using this Eflora cream will reduce the number of times you use a razor at once.
There are reports that the hair has become slightly thinner as it is used, although there are individual differences.

Effect of Eflora cream

Eflora cream can moderate the growth of facial hair growth such as facial whiskers, foreheads and cheeks. The hair growth cycle varies from person to person, but it is said to be about 4 weeks. Since the cycle is slowed down, the hair removal cycle is also slowed down, making maintenance easier.

Indications for Eflora Cream

Eflora cream is recommended for the following people.

  • Those who are worried about razor shavings.
  • Those who feel that the treatment of hair growth is troublesome.
  • Those who want to keep their skin clean.

Active ingredient of Eflora cream

The active ingredient in eflornithine is eflornithine. This eflornithine can moderate hair growth by inhibiting the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase, which is used for hair growth.

Pharmaceutical company

Sun Pharma

Dosage of Eflora Cream

How to use Eflora Cream

Eflora cream should be used after shaving the downy hair. Apply Eflora Cream in two divided doses a day.
Also, when using it, apply it to clean skin after washing your face.

Recommended dose of Eflora cream

When using Eflora Cream, be sure to treat the hair growth. Applying without shaving will not work.
Be sure to treat it as it inhibits the hair growth process.

Use Eflora Cream twice a day. Especially recommended after washing your face. It is necessary to leave at least 8 hours after use.

If you make up after using the cream, use it after the cream has dried.

Precautions when using Eflora Cream

When using Eflora Cream, do not wash your face for 4 hours. As it gradually penetrates the skin, it takes time to penetrate.

If it is washed away without penetrating the skin, the effect may not be obtained. If you stop using it, it will return to the previous cycle in about 2 months.

Side effects of Eflora cream

Main side effects of Eflora cream

Side effects of Eflora Cream have been reported to be tingling, itching and redness of the skin after use.
If this happens, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

Precautions when using Eflora cream

Those who are careful about using Eflora cream

Eflora cream cannot be used by children over the age of 12.

Especially if you are a teenager (junior high school to high school), you need to be careful when using it.

Hormone secretion becomes active during the growth period.

Please use with caution as it may stop normal growth by suppressing hormone secretion.

Caution for using Eflora cream together

There is no particular caution when using Eflora Cream together.

However, there are other creams that you are currently using, medicines that you are taking all the time, etc., and if you feel any abnormalities on your skin after using the cream, discontinue use.

People who should not use Eflora cream

Eflora cream is prohibited for pregnant and lactating people. It has the effect of penetrating the skin and slowing the growth of hair, so it cannot be said that it has no effect on the fetus.

Eflora cream cannot be used by children under the age of 12. Do not use if you have an allergic reaction to the active ingredient.

Contraindicated drug with Eflora cream

There are currently no contraindicated medications for Eflora Cream. However, if you feel any discomfort or abnormality on your skin while using it, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist or pharmacist.

How to store and handle Eflora cream

How to store Eflora cream

  • Store out of direct sunlight.
  • Store away from high temperature and humidity.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Precautions for handling Eflora cream

  • Should this get in your eyes or mouth, immediately wash with clean water.
  • Do not use the one whose expiration date has expired.
  • Please read the usage carefully before using.

Product information


  • Quasi-drugs

Shape / Dosage Form

  • Application type cream

Target gender

  • Women aiming to suppress hair growth.

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Country of shipment

  • India

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Sun Pharmaceutical

About Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Pharmaceutical company)

Sun Pharmaceutical has grown to become one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, that manufactures and sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in more than 100 countries across the globe. It is largest pharma company in India and the fourth largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company in the world.
Company Name Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd.
location Mumbai, India
Year of establishment 1983
Representative Israel Makov
Official Website https://sunpharma.com/
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