What is ED? -Everything about erectile dysfunction peculiar to men

What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

What is ED

Are you worried that “because the male genitalia do not erect, you can not do sexual activity satisfactorily” “sometimes it erects well and sometimes it does not erect” “it breaks in the middle and you can not satisfy your partner” ??
In fact, ED may also be diagnosed if the male genitalia are broken or lack hardness.

Symptoms of ED include a condition in which the male genitalia do not erect, causing anxiety not only to the male himself but also to his partner.

In addition, ED may not only be due to aging and constitution, but also may hide unexpected illnesses.
ED is a very delicate and difficult problem to consult, but it can be improved by taking appropriate measures and measures.

Therefore, this time, I will explain ED in detail in order to understand male-specific sexual dysfunction.

Differences between ED, erectile dysfunction, impotence, and sexual dysfunction

ED refers to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. ED is an abbreviation for Erectile Dysfunction, which means that the function of the male genitalia is reduced. In other words, erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction that interferes with sexual intercourse, such as lack of hardness, middle breakage, and continuous excitement in addition to the male genitalia not erecting.

This sexual dysfunction includes impotence in addition to ED, but ED and impotence have different symptoms and meanings. In the past, the symptoms of ED were also called impotence, so-called impotence, but nowadays the word impotence is not often used.

However, the word impotence has not disappeared, and impotence may also refer to the symptom of male infertility.

Erectile dysfunction will improve with proper treatment. If you are currently suffering from ED, it is important to find out the cause and get treatment.

To treat ED in this way, it is important to know how sexual dysfunction occurs. If you know the cause of the male genital dysfunction, you can take corrective action according to the cause.

First, in order to better understand ED, we will first introduce in detail the relationship between ED and sexual dysfunction, and the difference between erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a condition in which you cannot perform satisfactory sexual activity, and specific sexual dysfunction is a symptom that you cannot have an erection, cannot maintain an erection, cannot ejaculate, have no sexual desire, or cannot reach orgasm. Can be given.

ED, where erections do not persist or lack hardness, is one of these sexual dysfunctions. The most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction are ejaculation-related symptoms such as premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and anejaculation.

Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of ejaculatory disorders.

First, premature ejaculation is a symptom of ejaculation within 1 minute of starting insertion during sexual activity. The reason for premature ejaculation is the hypersensitivity of the male genitalia and the secretion of serotonin in the brain.

Next, the symptom of retrograde ejaculation is the symptom that semen is not released and flows back inside, which is one of the causes of infertility. Retrograde ejaculation may include prostate disease, diabetes, and spinal cord injury.

Finally, the symptom of anejaculation is the symptom of no semen during ejaculation. Anejaculation, like retrograde ejaculation, can be caused by diseases of the prostate, diabetes, and spinal cord.

These symptoms can be exacerbated not only by illness but also by stress and fatigue.

The cause of sexual dysfunction is not one, but various problems such as psychological factors and physical factors are combined.

What is the difference between ED, erectile dysfunction and impotence? | Names and Symptoms Differences in ED, erectile dysfunction, and impotence, the meaning of names that cannot be heard anymore, the four elements of sexual dysfunction such as ED and their symptoms, and the “normal sexual function” of men who want to reconfirm Explains what you can do to cure ED.

Erection mechanism

ED is a factor that makes you lose confidence as a man, but what is the difference between ED and normal erection? The reason why the male genitalia do not erect normally, such as lack of hardness or breakage, does not occur because of lack of something fatal as a man.

In fact, ED occurs when the balance of substances in the body generated during an erection is lost.

When the male genitalia are normally erected, the brain sends a signal to the penis with sexual stimulation as a trigger, and blood collects in the male genitalia. It is a mechanism to erect the male genitalia to the extent that this collected blood can be inserted.

By the way, hardness is also an important point for normal erection, but according to EHS developed in the United States, the hardness required for sexual activity is said to be apple-like hardness when compared to fruits.

In ED, this erection flow is not smooth and it is difficult to maintain the hardness like an apple. If the hardness is not maintained, the male genitalia will lose vaginal pressure and will fall out during sexual activity, making it difficult to continue inserting.

In order to know ED in this way, it is important to know the mechanism of erection. Therefore, I will explain in detail the mechanism of erection and the hardness index from now on.


In order to improve ED, it is important to know the two mechanisms of “erection of male genitalia” and “maintenance of erection” .

To understand the mechanism of erection, let’s review what is inside the male genitalia. The male genitalia are made up of one corpus cavernosum urethra and two corpus cavernosum penis on the left and right. The function of these two corpus cavernosum is important for erection.

When a man is sexually aroused by sight, hearing, taste, smell, imagination, etc., the erection center works and a large amount of blood is sent to the blood vessel called the corpus cavernosum of the male genitalia, which makes the genital area hard and causes an erection. This erection continues until blood flows out of the corpus cavernosum due to interruption of ejaculation or sexual stimulation, but in the symptoms of ED, the hardness may not be maintained and it may break before ejaculation occurs.

The cause of this breakage is the imbalance between the substance that maintains the erection and the substance that holds the erection. The vasodilator cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) that maintains the erection is destroyed by the substance PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5), and the erection subsides.

Originally, PDE5 destroys cGMP when sexual arousal has subsided, but in the case of ED, PDE5 is released even though cGMP has not increased so much.

In other words, PDE5, which suppresses erection, is deeply involved in the major cause of ED.

Hardness index EHS

By the way, ED also has the symptom of not being able to maintain enough hardness for satisfactory sexual intercourse, but this time, in order to maintain erection, let’s know the hardness index EHS.

EHS is an abbreviation for Erection Hardness Score, which is a self-check of how hard the erection is.
This EHS is an evaluation scale developed in the United States, is highly reliable, and is also used in Japanese medical practice.

The hardness index is divided into 5 stages, and it is examined how hard the male genitalia in the erected state are. Let’s do a self-check to see if it’s ED. It can be likened to food to make it easier to imagine the grade.

Grade 0 when the penis does not grow, Grade 1 (hardness like konjac) when the penis grows but does not become stiff, Grade 2 (hardness like mandarin orange) when the penis is hard but difficult to insert Is classified into grade 3 (hardness like grapefruit) when it is hard but not perfect, and grade 4 (hardness like apple) when the penis is completely stiff at the end.

If it is grade 3 or lower and it seems difficult to insert it, it may be targeted for ED treatment .

Mechanism of erection | Mechanism, hardness of erection, size of others Erection is one of the physiological phenomena that are indispensable for satisfactory sexual activity. Knowing the mechanism, the index “EHS” that can diagnose whether your erection hardness is normal, and the size of other people in the erection state will help you to detect and improve ED at an early stage.

Cause of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

In order to know if you are ED, I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner what kind of disorder erectile dysfunction is.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which you cannot have an erection, but first check if you have had an erection before , or if you have had several erections but have not reached satisfactory sexual activity . prize.

Erectile dysfunction is divided into two symptoms: primary ED and secondary ED. If you have never had an erection, you are diagnosed with primary ED, and if you have had an erection on your male genitalia, you have persistent ED. Of these two EDs, there is a tendency for more patients with persistent ED than primary ED.

If you have ED, you will be able to have satisfactory sexual activity by taking oral medicines such as ED treatments and counseling. By being aware of ED early and receiving treatment, you can regain your self-confidence as a man.

However, even if you do not have satisfactory sexual activity, you do not have erectile dysfunction if you cannot have an erection very often. It is also natural that sexual desire decreases with age, so it may not be diagnosed as erectile dysfunction that requires treatment.

Therefore, I will explain the defined symptoms diagnosed as erectile dysfunction and the self-check method.

Sexual dysfunction | ED type and disease, decreased libido, ejaculatory disorder ED / erectile dysfunction is not the only obstacle to sexual activity. Two types and two diseases that cause ED, diseases that cause decreased libido and ejaculatory disorders, and sexual dysfunction such as orgasmic disorders are at risk of adverse effects other than ED.

Cause of ED

ED is difficult to consult with people close to you, and even if you are worried that you may be ED, there are many people who are reluctant to receive treatment.
ED is also said to be a sign of a man’s physical condition.

Erectile dysfunction is often thought to be “ED if it does not erect, otherwise it is okay”, but the symptoms are wide-ranging, for example, the softening of the male genitalia during sexual activity is also an initial symptom of ED.
In some cases, ED progresses by arbitrarily judging that the symptoms are not seriously annoying.

In this way, it is possible to take early measures or prevent deterioration by knowing the symptoms of ED .

If you’re not confident that you’re happy with your sexual activity, self-check to see if you’re ED. If you’re embarrassed to talk and don’t have the courage to go to a men’s clinic or urology department, feel free to check your ED symptoms at home.

If you know if you’re feeling sick, you may be able to take the first step towards improvement, such as consulting a specialized agency or purchasing an ED treatment .

Therefore, I will introduce what kind of symptom is called erectile dysfunction and how to check if you are ED.

Causes of ED | Why does erectile dysfunction occur? Thorough elucidation of factors There are four causes of ED, mental factors such as stress, trauma, and complex, deterioration of physical function due to aging and lifestyle-related diseases, cases where mental factors and physical factors are combined, and regular use. Anyone can be affected by the drug they are taking.

Diagnosis definition

First, I will introduce the definition of diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction and erection disorder have the same meaning, and refer to a condition in which the hardness of the male genitalia at the time of erection is insufficient or the erection cannot be maintained. However, it is a mistake to judge erectile dysfunction simply from the fact that “I can’t have sexual activity” and “I can’t satisfy my partner”.

In order to be diagnosed with such erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to be aware of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, medical history, penile condition, and test results.

Medical institutions that can diagnose erectile dysfunction are mainly urology and men’s clinics. The medical institution first asks if there was a medical history that could lead to erectile dysfunction.

Regarding the medical history, not only diabetes and spinal cord diseases, but also psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, and worries about sexual activity are heard.

In addition, lifestyle-related habits are deeply related to ED, so you will be asked about your usual amount of exercise, diet, and the amount of smoking and drinking. And there is palpation to see the condition of the male genitalia.

At this time, if there is a factor that causes the hormone to be out of balance, the state of the male hormone that causes an erection may be measured.

As a result of comprehensively judging the physical and mental condition in this way, a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is made.

ED test criteria | Introducing the contents of diagnosis and tests at hospitals ED is often thought to be caused by aging, but in reality, multiple causes are intertwined. Inspection is important to eliminate the cause of ED as soon as possible. What are the signs that cause ED? In addition, the inspection method is explained in detail.


ED So-called erectile dysfunction is not just a symptom of not having an erection in the male genitalia. One of the serious symptoms of ED is that you have an erection but you do not have enough hardness and that you break quickly.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which sexual activity is hindered by not being able to maintain a satisfactory erection.

There are also stages in the symptoms of ED, and it is a very rare case that the erection does not occur at all from the beginning. Beginning with the initial symptoms of “I was happy at the beginning of sexual activity, but I lost my energy in the middle”, and then the symptoms of “ejaculation without becoming sufficiently stiff” will appear.

As ED progresses further, it becomes difficult to perform sexual activity satisfactorily, such as being unable to ejaculate or having an erection.

The scary part of ED is that the mental burden also affects the symptoms . The inability to have a satisfactory erection causes a vicious cycle of losing confidence as a man and further exacerbating the symptoms of ED.

Symptoms of ED include such erections that take a long time to have sufficient sexual desire, uneven erections, and softening during sexual activity. If you feel a little anxious about your erection, it may be an early symptom of ED.

What is a middle fold? | Isn’t it just ED that doesn’t erect? A middle fold is a condition in which the penis becomes soft during sexual activity and you cannot have sexual activity satisfactorily. Some people think that it is not ED because it causes an erection before insertion and there is no problem for a while. However, if sexual activity is not satisfactory, it is classified as ED.


Then, I will introduce how to self-check whether it is actually ED. Whether or not you are prone to erectile dysfunction is determined by using a self-check sheet called IIEF, the International Erectile Dysfunction Score, to determine your medication and treatment. Let’s find out what kind of condition you are while remembering the state of the male genitalia within the past 6 months.

The self-check point is 5 points, “whether you can maintain an erection”, “time until it becomes hard enough to insert”, “whether you can maintain an erection after insertion”, “it feels difficult to maintain an erection during insertion” We will check each of “Taka” and “Is it satisfied with sexual activity?”

First of all, “whether you can maintain an erection”, but if you are confident that you can maintain an erection of the male genitalia, check in 5 stages. If you are confident, give 5 points. If you are a little confident, give 4 points. If you are a little confident, give 3 points. If you are not confident, give 2 points. If you are not confident, give 1 point.

This will be scored in the same way for the other 4 items such as “hardness” and “maintenance of erection”.

If the total score is 21 points or less, there is a tendency for ED, and this result is also used as a reference for diagnosis in hospitals, so if you have any concerns about erectile dysfunction, please give it a try.

ED Self-Check | Diagnose Your Erectile Dysfunction ED allows you to do a simple self-check before you go to the hospital to check your erectile dysfunction. Based on the diagnosis method and the judgment result of the score (suspicious / mild / moderate / severe), it is important to perform early treatment before the symptoms of ED worsen.

Symptoms of ED

For those who have had an erection without any problems so far, you may be wondering why they couldn’t get an erection, such as “why did they stop erection” or “why did they have a reason why they couldn’t sustain an erection?”

There are three main causes of ED : organic, psychogenic, and mixed. Organic is caused by physical abnormalities such as illness and injury, and psychogenic is caused by mental imbalance due to mental illness such as depression. In addition, mixed ED may develop due to the combination of organic and psychogenic.

There is more than one cause for the inability to maintain or sustain an erection.

Therefore, in order to improve these EDs, it is important to take treatment and countermeasures that are appropriate for the cause. If it is organic, we will treat the illness, and if it is psychogenic, we will provide counseling. If it is more mixed, both must be improved.

If you know the cause of ED, you can treat it more appropriately . Conversely, if you do not know the cause, it may worsen ED.

Therefore, in order to improve ED correctly in the future, we will explain each of the three causes of ED, organic, psychogenic, and mixed, in detail.

Classify the causes of ED into 4 types

There are various factors that cause ED to be unable to maintain an erection. In a word, ED is a state in which the sexual stimulation of the male genitalia is not transmitted well to the brain and the blood flow is impaired.

On the contrary, if sexual stimulation is well transmitted to the brain and sufficient blood flows to the male genitalia, the male genitalia will erection normally. The reason why an erection does not go well or becomes soft in the middle is because there is something that is blocking the flow of this erection.

However, there is more than one cause that is blocking the flow to an erection. Several causes overlap to create the cause of erectile dysfunction.

The factors that cause ED are roughly classified into four types, and it is said that organic disorders, psychogenic disorders, and other mixed and drug-induced disorders are the causes.

Organic is a symptom caused by illness or illness, and psychogenic is caused by stress or anxiety. And mixedness develops because of the combination of organic and psychogenic, and drug-induced develops due to the side effects of the drug.

Knowing what causes erectile dysfunction in this way can improve ED faster .

Therefore, in order to understand the factors that make it impossible to maintain or sustain an erection, we will explain each cause in detail.

Symptoms of ED | Knowledge of 4 causes and symptoms ・ Various countermeasures Psychogenic ED caused by social stress and complex, organic ED mainly caused by lifestyle, mixed both inside and outside Explains the four symptoms and causes of ED, such as sex ED and drug-induced ED that causes the onset of the drug you are taking.

What is organic ED?

First, I will explain from the organic nature. Organic ED refers to a problem with the nerves or the male genitalia themselves. Finding the cause of organic ED is the fastest way to treat it.

However, since there are many types of symptoms in organic, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the cause of ED by examination.

Organic causes can be broadly classified into four categories: vascular, neurological, endocrine, and traumatic. First of all, it is vascular, but it develops when the blood flowing to the male genitalia becomes difficult to flow due to aging and aging of blood vessels. Nervousness then develops when neurotransmitters in the brain and penis become difficult to flow due to damage to the neural circuits and pelvis.

This neurological ED is said to be more likely to occur after the onset of Parkinson’s disease, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, etc. And endocrine ED is caused by the inhibition of the male hormone testosterone. The last traumatic ED is due to a natural abnormality in the male genitalia or no erection after surgery.

If the cause of such organic properties can be identified, treatment that suits the symptoms can be performed. It is possible to improve the erection by using oral medicine and auxiliary equipment. In addition, temporary ED due to surgery is also included in the symptoms of this organic ED.

What is organic ED? | Treatment of ED symptoms caused by physical causes Psychological ED is ED caused by psychological stress and is said to be the most common among Japanese men. It is easy to get serious, so it is important to know the pattern and cause of symptoms and the effective improvement method that suits you and treat it early.

What is psychogenic ED?

Next, I will explain about psychogenic ED.
Psychogenic refers to symptoms caused by stress such as anxiety and worries .

The problem with psychogenicity is that it is difficult to find the cause because there are no abnormalities in the body and the person is often unaware of it. In addition, since many people are worried alone, they may suffer from fear and irritation without being able to receive treatment or consultation, and as a result, their symptoms may become more severe.

Psychogenic ED is classified into real psychological factors with stress that can be perceived and deep psychological causes that have stress that cannot be perceived. The reality is that you know the cause, such as “I can’t live up to the expectations of my partner,” “I feel pressured to get pregnant,” and “I’m tired from work.”

Deep psychological causes, on the other hand, are caused by trauma that has been inflicted unknowingly by trauma such as abuse or fear in the past. Treatment of such psychogenic ED begins with determining whether the problem you are having is a real or deep psychological cause.

Psychogenic ED may be treated for depression along with psychoanalysis. Also, working with partners and gaining self-confidence tends to speed up recovery.

What is psychogenic ED? | Treatment of ED symptoms caused by psychological causes Psychological ED is ED caused by psychological stress, and it is said that it is the most common among Japanese men and is likely to appear in young people. .. It is easy to get serious, so it is important to know the pattern and cause of symptoms and the effective improvement method that suits you and treat it early.

What is mixed ED?

Finally, I will explain about mixed ED. Mixing refers to ED that develops due to both the organic and psychogenic causes mentioned above.

In many cases, something happens to the body due to an accident or illness, and it develops as a result of mental stress.

The main diseases that lead to mixed ED are arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. You may also develop ED due to an accident or injury. Due to illness, ED temporarily develops and causes mental anxiety and worries, resulting in the development of psychogenic ED at the same time.

In addition, the opposite pattern is also conceivable, in which mental illness such as depression first becomes psychogenic ED due to kicking, and physical illness becomes more serious and organic ED develops.

Mixability is often thought to take longer to treat due to the combination of two causes, the mind and the body, but in many cases the ED problem can be resolved if the physical condition can be improved. In addition to physical treatment, mental care may be provided at the same time.

It is important to determine the cause of how mixed ED developed ED .

Also, the belief that “I have a chronic illness, so I may be prone to ED” can be a mental burden, and in some cases I may develop ED, so don’t be alone.

What is mixed ED? | Treatment of ED symptoms caused by two causes Mixed ED is an ED in which it is difficult to identify the cause of a mixture of psychological and physical factors. Learn about the causes of aging, diabetes, stress, etc., how to improve by diet and stress release, and how to take ED treatments to improve.

What is drug-induced ED?

Drug-induced refers to a condition that develops due to the drug you are taking all the time. If you have any medications you take on a daily basis, the side effects of those medications may be causing ED.

It should be remembered that medicines have main effects and side effects, and that the medicines work in different directions depending on the physical condition and constitution.

Side effects do not cause serious life-threatening symptoms if taken as directed by a doctor or pharmacist, but if you take any medicine for a long time at your own discretion, you will not know it. You may have some symptoms on your body.

Typical drugs that are thought to be caused by ED are those that are deeply involved in nerves and blood circulation. For example, drugs such as antipyretics, antidepressants, anticholinergic agents and vasodilators.

Some of these side effects have some effect on erectile dysfunction. It is not uncommon for regular drugs that are surprisingly familiar to us to be one of the causes of drug-induced ED.

However, for drug-induced symptoms, the symptoms will improve when the drug is discontinued. It is a very rare case that the side effects are accumulated and the male genitalia are damaged. However, it is very dangerous to stop taking medicine at your own discretion even if you have a chronic illness, so be careful not to judge yourself.

What is drug-induced ED? | Treatment of ED symptoms caused by drugs Drug-induced ED is a side effect caused by drugs that are usually taken to treat illness. Introducing drugs that cause drug-induced ED (drugs that act on the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and circulatory system) and treatment methods for drug-induced ED.

Signs of ED? Reasons and causes of morning standing

The causes of erections can be broadly divided into “erections caused by sexual stimulation” and “erections that occur unconsciously during sleep . “

When you wake up in the morning or after a while after waking up in the morning, you may have an erection spontaneously without being aware of it. Some people may have been worried that the morning rise that was frequent when they were young may decrease with age, and that lack of morning rise may be a symptom of ED.

Morning standing is not a phenomenon that occurs only once when you wake up, but a natural phenomenon that repeats while you sleep. If you think you don’t have a morning rise, you don’t have to wake up once, and in fact, it’s repeated many times in the middle of the night.

So far, we have introduced erections caused by sexual stimulation, but from now on, we will explain erections that occur unconsciously during sleep, that is, morning rise.

Morning standing and ED are very closely related, and in urology and men’s clinics, one of the tests to check ED is to measure whether morning standing is normal. From here, let’s take a closer look at morning standing to get a deeper understanding of ED.

I will explain further why this nocturnal penile erection phenomenon occurs and how it is related to ED.

Trends by age

Morning standing is a physiological phenomenon for men, but as they get older, the frequency decreases and the erection becomes less noticeable. Generally, there is no age limit for morning rise and it lasts forever, but as you get older, the number of times you notice morning rise and the hardness decrease.

Since morning rise is easily affected by blood flow and hormones, it is unavoidable that it changes with aging, but conversely, people who have poor morning rise or no morning rise have a vascular condition. It tends to be bad or the male hormones are reduced.

Therefore, in order to confirm whether the morning rise is normal, we will introduce the tendency of the morning rise according to age, so please refer to it.

First of all, in the 20s and 30s, half of the sleeping time is standing in the morning, that is, nocturnal penile erection occurs. It is generally about 3 cm larger than normal.

In the 40s and 50s, the number of morning rises decreases to 1/3 to 1/4 of the night. It is also about 2 cm larger than normal.

Nocturnal penile erections occur normally in healthy people in their 80s and 90s, although it is difficult to notice the morning rise after their 60s.

Nocturnal penile erections can occur at any age, but if men in their 40s or older do not notice the morning rise, menopause is suspected. Also, if you are in your 60s or older, you cannot deny the possibility of middle-aged disorders.

Reasons and causes of morning standing

This is a phenomenon in which the male genitalia erect in a completely unconscious state without sexual stimulation or sensation. In fact, the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon is repeated many times while sleeping at night, and it is a physiological phenomenon that occurs not only in men but also in women .

I investigated how often this nocturnal penile erection phenomenon occurred. According to a study by Kyoto University, an erection phenomenon continues for about 20 to 40 minutes in a normal adult with a sensation of 1 hour and 20 to 25 minutes. This phenomenon is more common in the younger generation, and the result is that the erection phenomenon is relatively small in the elderly.

The nocturnal penile erection phenomenon occurs during REM sleep, when sleep is light.

REM sleep is a state in which the body is sleeping but the head is awake, and it is generally said that people often dream. People often wake up during REM sleep, making it easier to notice the morning rise that occurred during REM sleep.

In other words, even if you can’t confirm the morning rise, the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon has occurred, so it does not mean that your body is crazy because there is no morning rise. However, on the contrary, since I am standing in the morning, it does not mean that the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon is occurring normally.

ED if you can’t stand up in the morning?

It cannot be said that not standing in the morning is ED, but the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon is different. In the ED test, we will check whether this nocturnal penile erection phenomenon is occurring normally and whether it is sufficiently hard.

The reason why such a nocturnal penile erection phenomenon occurs is that it is sometimes called “I like off-color humor” or “frustration”, but it plays an important role in maintaining the body and relieving stress. In other words, the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon plays an important role in knowing whether the body is working healthy.

In the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon inspection, we use a stamp test and a machine that measures the male genital phenomenon such as Rigiscan, and we will investigate it for about 1 to 3 nights. This test shows how many erections occur at night or maintain moderate hardness compared to normal adults.

These tests are one of the important factors for diagnosing ED, but ED is caused by various factors such as psychogenic and organic factors other than morning standing. Therefore, it cannot be said that the cause is only the morning standing and the nocturnal penile erection phenomenon.

If you search for the factors that are thought to be the cause of ED one by one, it will surely lead to improvement .

How old are you to become ED? | Age-specific ED and morning standing mechanism Do you know how many people have ED? It is said that one in four adult males in Japan has the disease, and it is possible to judge the state of health and sexual function by knowing the mechanism of morning rise. Let’s improve early by knowing the tendency and cause of each age and the treatment method.

Diagnosis of ED

Generally, ED examinations are only interviews . Describe your symptoms on the questionnaire, and when you enter the examination room, your doctor will ask you about your living environment and specific symptoms such as smoking or drinking.

The items on the questionnaire that are actually used in the clinic are “whether you are confident in maintaining an erection”, “whether you have become able to insert after sexual stimulation”, “whether you have maintained the hardness after insertion”, and “sexual intercourse”. “Is it possible to maintain an erection until the end?” “Is it satisfied with sexual activity?”

These interviews are scored in a scoring format to determine how advanced the ED is.

However, if the results of the interview do not reveal the symptoms or if it is thought that there is some effect, a blood test or an electrocardiogram may be performed.

In addition, ED detailed examinations include the nocturnal penile erection test, which measures the number and hardness of morning rises at home, and the artificial erection test, which artificially erects male genitalia with drugs.

In addition, there is a color Doppler test that measures the blood flow to the male genitalia with ultrasonic waves, and a test called DICC that shoots the pressure with an X-ray by flowing a drug through the corpus cavernosum penis.

ED is a very delicate issue that can be embarrassing or frightening to see, but these tests are not done immediately.
Most of the time, the first thing you need to do is ask a question to see how much ED symptoms you have.

Treatment of ED

Modern people have risk factors that are prone to lifestyle-related diseases due to lack of exercise, an unbalanced diet, and a lot of stress.
Such lifestyle-related diseases and ED are closely related.

Among them, the disease that may develop and worsen ED is arteriosclerosis, which causes the blood vessels to become stiff and impairs blood flow. Arteriosclerosis impairs blood circulation by collapsing the inside of hardened blood vessels or narrowing the inside of blood vessels. Poor blood flow near the male genitalia causes ED to develop.

Arteriosclerosis is often unnoticed because it has no subjective symptoms and can lead to stroke and cardiac arrest.

However, ED can also be caused by vascular disorders, so you can quickly notice blood abnormalities such as arteriosclerosis. ED is also an early symptom of arteriosclerosis, so if you feel any discomfort such as erectile dysfunction, treat it as soon as possible.

Vascular ED caused by arteriosclerosis gradually improves as blood circulation improves. In order to improve blood flow in this way, there are three treatment methods: injection, surgery, and internal medicine. Therefore, we will introduce each of the treatment methods for ED in detail, so please refer to it.

Take ED treatment

It is common to take ED treatments such as Viagra . ED treatments have the effect of acting on neurotransmitters to improve blood flow, balance male hormones, maintain erections, and maintain hardness.

ED treatments have been approved in Japan, and recently, cheap and easily available generic drugs have been sold.

Compared to the past, ED treatments can now be purchased more easily via the Internet or mail order without having to undergo a medical examination. However, ED treatments cannot be effective unless they are used and dosed. It is important to be well informed and take correctly before purchasing.

When you take an ED treatment, the male genitalia begin to erect in about 30 to 60 minutes, and the effect lasts for 2 to 3 hours. ED treatments do not increase libido or increase semen volume, so you must not only take the drug but also give it sexual stimulation.

However, ED treatments are said to be effective for most people and are called breakthrough dream medicines for men.

In order to make good use of ED treatments, research what kind of medicines there are or what characteristics they have before purchasing.

Treatment by injection

ICI treatment, which injects directly into the penis to cause an erection, is said to be relatively effective among ED treatments. About 5 to 10 minutes after the injection, the erection starts and the effect lasts for about 2 to 3 hours.

A major feature of ICI treatment is that it is very effective and that an erection occurs without sexual stimulation. It is a treatment method called “the last bastion of erection” that people who do not feel the effect of ED treatment such as Viagra try.

However, since ICI treatment involves inserting a needle directly into the penis, you must first practice injection under the guidance of a doctor. Also, since insurance does not work, you will have to purchase at your own expense. The cost of ICI treatment is about 5,000 to 6,000 yen per dose, and a medical examination fee is also required.

ICI treatment involves injecting a drug that dilates blood vessels directly into the penis to cause an erection. Lift the penis with one hand, insert an injection needle near the root, and inject the drug solution.

At first, you will inject with your doctor, but from the second time onward, you will usually inject yourself. It should be given just before sexual activity, as it will be effective 5 minutes after the injection. In Japan, there are very few hospitals that offer ICI treatment, so check in advance if you have ICI treatment before visiting the hospital.

Treatment with surgery

There is also a method of surgery to treat vascular ED caused by arteriosclerosis.

Surgery requires that the cause of ED be identified. In addition, some ED surgery is not covered by insurance.

The success rate of surgery depends on whether the cause is well identified, so to confirm the diagnosis of vascular ED, a drug solution is injected into the blood vessels in the penis to check for abnormalities in the blood vessels.

Rough penile vascular surgery includes arterial surgery to allow blood to flow to the penis and venous surgery to stop the flow of blood from the penis.

Arterial surgery connects the inferior epigastric artery to the dorsal artery of the penis to improve blood flow. In venous surgery, the dorsal veins of the penis and the legs of the corpus cavernosum are cut out so that blood does not flow out of the penis more than necessary.

Especially for arterial surgery, it is necessary to refrain from sexual activity for one and a half months after surgery and to perform an injection test for about one year. In addition, it is difficult to identify the cause of venous surgery and improve it, so it is necessary to carry out thorough preliminary examinations.

In any case, you need to build a trusting relationship with your doctor and decide whether to undertake surgery.

Surgery can make dramatic improvements in some symptoms, so if you haven’t seen any improvement, such as medicines or lifestyle-related improvements, it’s a good idea to take the plunge and talk to your doctor.

Other treatments

In addition to medicines, injections, and surgery, there are other treatments for treating ED, such as shockwave therapy, assistive devices, and chelation therapy.

First, I will explain from low shock wave treatment.

When low shock wave treatment is given to blood vessels, the vibrations increase the number of capillaries and, as a result, increase blood flow to the male genitalia. Low shock wave treatment is a method of giving a shock wave to the male genitalia to increase blood vessels, but even if it is called a shock wave, it is a vibration with extremely low output and there is no pain.

And there is also treatment with assistive devices. It is possible to artificially erect a male genitalia using a device called a negative pressure type erection aid. The male genitalia are inserted into a tubular device and the power of the pump is used to promote blood flow and erect the male genitalia. The negative pressure erection aid is used at home because it is a device used before sexual activity.

Finally, I will explain chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is a treatment that activates blood vessels and cells by regularly administering amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is used not only as a treatment for ED, but also as a treatment for arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, and osteoporosis.

There are various treatments to improve ED in this way. Finding out which treatment is right for you, rather than which one is good, is the key to improving ED early.

Treatment of ED | Insurance is not applied? ED treatments and costs in Japan Health insurance does not cover ED treatments in Japan. From low-cost treatments to expensive treatments, we will introduce various treatments such as taking ED treatments, treatments by injection, treatments by wearing instruments, surgery, medicines and tools, natural remedies that do not rely on hospitals, etc. increase.

Types and characteristics of drugs that are effective in treating ED

Each ED treatment has its own characteristics, and it is important to find a treatment that suits your style . There are three important points to consider when treating ED: whether it has an immediate effect, how long it lasts, and whether it is susceptible to the diet before sexual activity.

Taking a drug that takes a couple of hours to be effective just before sexual activity does not give satisfactory results. Also, if you don’t know if you have sexual activity, taking a fast-acting medicine is useless.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to know the duration and effectiveness of the drug before purchasing it at the hospital or online.

Here, we will introduce the features and usage of Stendra, which is expected to be the third major therapeutic agent in USA for Viagra Cialis Levitra and the fourth therapeutic agent in the future.

Comparison of ED treatments

Many people think of Viagra first when it comes to medicines that are generally prescribed or purchased as an ED treatment and can be expected to improve. However, in fact, there are many types of ED treatments other than Viagra.

Other ED treatments that are as typical as Viagra include Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra. This ED treatment contains blood vessel-acting ingredients such as cinadelfil and tadalafil. By acting on blood vessels, it increases blood flow to the male genitalia and promotes erection.

Since these therapeutic agents have different durations and different times until the effects appear, there are ways to take advantage of their respective characteristics. For example, Viagra has an immediate effect, so erections begin shortly after taking it, but Cialis has the characteristic that the effect lasts for 2 to 3 days even if it takes a long time to appear .

In addition, OD films such as thin wafers that are easy to carry and tablet types with selectable capacities are also on sale.

In this way, by comparing the characteristics of each ED treatment drug and knowing the effect, you will be able to use it more effectively according to your own situation. Now, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics and effects of each drug.

Drugs that are effective in treating ED | Introducing drugs that are effective in improving ED There are various characteristics depending on the type of drug that is effective in treating ED. After understanding the effects and characteristics of each ED treatment drug (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Stendra), find a product that suits you and treat ED effectively.

Factors of ED onset-lifestyle-related diseases / drugs

The causes of ED include lifestyle-related diseases, chronic diseases, and drugs.

Lifestyle-related disorders such as stress, lack of exercise, smoking and heavy drinking are one of the causes of ED. A combination of stress and anxiety caused by poor work or partner relationships can cause ED.

In addition, smoking and heavy drinking can lead to poor blood vessel status and erectile dysfunction.

In addition, diseases such as lifestyle-related diseases are also one of the causes of ED. Typical lifestyle-related diseases include arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension, but these diseases cause ED due to poor blood circulation.

An erection is a hardness that allows the male genitalia to be inserted by flowing blood into the corpus cavernosum inside the male genitalia, but symptoms of lifestyle-related diseases may interfere with the erection of a normal male genitalia.

And the regular medicines you take all the time can also cause ED. The medicines you take for treatment can also cause health problems. These are also called drug EDs due to side effects of the drug.

In this way, lifestyle-related diseases, illnesses, and drugs can cause ED. For example, each of these is a small problem, such as “accumulating stress” and “not letting go of regular medicine”, but it causes the onset of ED by accumulating in daily life.

Risk Factors for ED | Daily Life that Affects the Onset of ED Lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes are closely related to ED. By improving lifestyle, it can be prevented by living a regular life, and it also leads to prevention of lifestyle-related diseases that cause the onset. Reduce the risk factors for ED in your daily life

ED risk factors

In modern society, there are many risk factors that can promote the onset of ED. Possible causes of risk factors are sexual orientation and techno addiction.

The cause of sexual orientation or sexual orientation is the diversification of men’s tastes and preferences.

For example, recently, since you can easily watch a lot of AV videos and videos, men who are interested in women but are reluctant to actually have sexual intercourse and do not even take the trouble to have sexual intercourse. increasing.

In addition, such AV videos are so stimulating that it becomes difficult to be satisfied with sexual activity actually performed with women, which is one of the causes of ED.

A further problematic risk factor is techno addiction. Recently, smartphones have become widespread, and it has become so easy to depend on computer devices that it becomes difficult to live without the Internet.

Such techno addiction has the risk of losing contact with others and making it increasingly difficult to communicate with others.

In this diversified modern society, the risk factors for ED are increasing . To avoid these problems, think about your hobbies moderately.

Diseases that are likely to occur with ED

Diabetes , one of the lifestyle-related diseases, is a disease that easily causes complications with ED .

It is said that diabetics are about two to three times more likely to develop ED than healthy men. The reason is the high blood sugar level.

High blood sugar levels can lead to poor blood flow and poor neurotransmitter flow. ED develops when blood flow and nerve transmission are impaired.

As you can see, diabetes and ED are closely related, but conversely, if the symptoms of ED can be detected early, it will also lead to the prevention of diabetes.

Diseases closely related to ED include premature ejaculation, hypertension, and depression in addition to diabetes.

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which ejaculation occurs immediately after insertion, and many people suffering from ED also have symptoms of premature ejaculation. At first glance, premature ejaculation seems to be far from ED, but it is considered to be one of the ejaculatory disorders.

In addition, it is said that hypertension, in which blood flow is impaired, is prone to ED. An erection occurs when blood flows to the corpus cavernosum in the male genitalia, but hypertension puts a strain on the blood vessels, resulting in poor blood flow. As a result, blood does not flow smoothly into the corpus cavernosum and ED develops.

In addition, male genitalia are very susceptible to mental illnesses such as stress and anxiety, so they are closely related to mental illnesses such as anxiety.

Complications of ED | Diseases that are easily associated with ED ED includes early symptoms of male menopausal disorders, lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, sleep apnea syndrome, etc. , There are various risk factors, so it is necessary to select a treatment method that suits them.

ED improvement methods / prevention / measures

So far, we have explained the symptoms and causes of ED, but from now on, let’s look at preventive measures to prevent ED or how to improve if you have ED.

Erectile dysfunction is caused by poor circulation and hormonal disturbances. In other words, in order to prevent the onset of ED, it is important to improve blood flow and maintain a good hormonal balance.

ED is also one of the symptoms of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and arteriosclerosis, so you must be careful about your health so as not to cause lifestyle-related diseases.

As a concrete measure to prevent ED, it is important to review exercise and eating habits. Improve your lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and taking supplements. If you are mentally burdened, you can also get counseling at a psychiatrist.

ED is an opportunity to review a man’s physical condition. Finding blood vessel and nerve disorders through ED can also help prevent major illnesses. If you are living an irregular life, take this opportunity to improve your lifestyle and improve your ED.

For those who do not want to become ED, we will introduce more specific improvement methods, countermeasures, and prevention.

Exercise moderately

Moderate exercise is effective in improving ED . We especially recommend aerobic exercises such as running and jogging to eliminate poor blood circulation, but other muscle training such as squats can also be expected to improve ED.

Lack of exercise is thought to be one of the causes of ED because it causes muscle weakness and poor blood circulation. Compared to lean men, men with a BMI of 30 or higher have a risk factor of 1.7 times higher for ED.

Aerobic exercise not only burns fat, but also circulates blood. The idea is that if the poor circulation of the whole body is resolved, it will lead to the elimination of ED.

In addition, muscle training is also effective for the erection of the male genitalia . Training to train the lower body, such as squats, has the effect of improving blood flow and hormonal balance.

The male genitalia are composed of smooth muscles, which cannot be moved freely, and it is important to balance the hormones in order to train these smooth muscles.

On the other hand, no matter how good it is, it is counterproductive if you continue to exercise excessively and accumulate stress. Let’s train our body while enjoying such exercise moderately so as not to overdo it during work breaks and holidays.

Dietary improvement

Disorders in lifestyle are one of the factors that cause ED, but let’s improve our eating habits to correct our lifestyle. In particular , a lifestyle centered on Japanese food leads to improvement in ED.

High-fat, high-calorie, high-flavored, oily diets are the cause of worsening ED. Junk foods such as snack foods, salty ramen and cup noodles, and oily fried foods obstruct the blood flow that is essential for a normal erection.

Foods that we especially recommend to improve ED are mushrooms, legumes, and fish and shellfish. The mineral components contained in seaweed and mushrooms have the effect of smoothing the blood.

In addition, proteins contained in fish and shellfish and beans make up neurotransmitters, and vinegar and tea also help improve poor blood circulation.

Since these meals are abundant in Japanese food, a life centered on Japanese food will lead to improvement of ED.

However, pickles, soy sauce, and sweet-flavored simmered dishes may take too much salt and sugar. In addition, eating too much white rice can lead to excessive carbohydrate intake.

As the saying goes, “You don’t need a doctor in the 8th minute of your stomach”, don’t eat too much until you’re full, and eat in a moderate amount and enjoy your meal.

Measures for ED | Erectile dysfunction can be prevented by reviewing lifestyle habits Prevention of ED can be surprisingly easy. Improvements in daily life such as a nutritionally balanced diet that is low in fat and boosts energy, quitting, relieving stress, improving sleep deprivation, and proper exercise such as aerobic exercise are the fundamental solutions and prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Moderate exercise or lifestyle-related improvements such as abstinence or smoking cessation can improve ED.

Review of lifestyle

Lifestyle-related disorders such as irregular eating, drinking, smoking or lack of exercise are one of the causes of ED. In particular, there is research data that the association between obesity and ED is high, and the higher the BMI value, the higher the incidence of ED.

In addition, nicotine contained in cigarettes is one of the causes of ED that impairs blood flow. Smoking not only increases the incidence of ED, but also reduces the hardness and duration of erections.

From the above, it can be expected that the incidence of ED will be reduced and improved by quitting smoking or exercising moderately to maintain a regular diet and system.

Aerobic exercise such as jogging and swimming is recommended for the exercise necessary to prevent ED. Aerobic exercise has the effect of improving blood circulation. Strength training can also be expected to improve testosterone secretion.

And since polyphenols contained in red wine lead to improvement of ED, it is said that moderate drinking is necessary to maintain erectile dysfunction.

Measures and prevention with supplements

A well- balanced diet is also important for improving lifestyle habits .

To prevent ED, take oysters, almonds, zinc in pumpkin, or polyphenols in chocolate and green tea. These nutrients contain the male hormone testosterone, which is necessary for an erection, and are essential nutrients for producing semen.

However, it may be difficult to have a balanced diet due to frequent outings such as work and business trips. In such cases, make good use of supplements.

In addition to zinc and polyphenols, we also recommend maca, which is rich in vitamins, and arginine and citrulline, which have a blood circulation promoting effect, to improve erectile power.

Supplements are not medicines, but health foods to supplement nutrition. Therefore, it is important to take it continuously, not to expect the effect temporarily.

Even if you take too much nutrients, they will be excreted from the body, so review your current diet and check in advance what nutrients you lack before purchasing the supplements you need. When choosing a supplement, be sure to check how much of the ingredient it contains, not the price, as the content may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Improve with counseling

You can also get ED counseling at urology, psychiatry, and men’s clinics. Counseling is effective for psychogenic ED caused by excessive stress, trauma, and depression .

Counseling will work with the counselor to find out how the problem you are having has emerged.

What kind of problems are causing ED patients to suffer, such as “I don’t have time to have sexual activity due to work or fatigue”, “I can’t meet the excessive expectations of my partner”, and “I have trauma in the past”. It will guide you to find out and solve the problem.

While counseling allows you to notice problems that you are not aware of, it also takes time to go to the hospital several times and have an interview before you can find out the cause and see the improvement effect. In general, if counseling alone does not improve the condition, it is treated in combination with drug therapy.

The most important thing in counseling is compatibility with a counselor. The key to finding a good counselor is to be more willing to understand the patient than to give advice.

To find a counselor who can confide in your heart’s worries, start by gathering information from the clinic.

Improvement of ED | How to improve ED treatments, supplements, etc. ED rarely cures spontaneously, but lifestyle-related lifestyles such as well-balanced diet and exercise, use of supplements, counseling, and quick-acting ED treatments It is possible to improve before it becomes serious by taking early measures such as taking it.

Overcoming ED

The first step in overcoming ED is to admit that you are ED . If you have a partner, it is one way to overcome the problem of trying to confide your worries without worrying alone.

As I’ve explained, men can get an erection from puberty to death. One of the serious symptoms of ED is not only that it does not erect, but also that it is not possible to have satisfactory sexual activity and that it is not possible to maintain hardness.

These conditions are not due to aging or constitution, but to some form of poor blood vessel or neurotransmitter flow.

Thus, ED is one of the physical disorders for men, and let’s think of it as having a disease called erectile dysfunction. If you are feeling ill, you should use the right treatments and medicines to improve it. Recognizing and treating ED is not embarrassing.

Symptoms of ED vary, and there are days when erections do not go well and days when sexual activity is satisfactory. For this reason, some people disregard ED, saying, “If this is the case, there is no need to consult.”

However, ED may progress without you even noticing it, so if you are aware of ED even a little, don’t leave it alone and tell your partner first.

Don’t worry alone

Stress is one of the factors that make ED worse . It is difficult for men to confide in ED, but even if they are worried alone, not only will they improve, but the symptoms of ED may progress.

Even if you are actually aware of the symptoms of ED, it seems that there are many cases where ED is progressing as a result of the delay in confessing the feelings of “dumb”, “cool”, and “like an elderly person”.

Certainly, aging and constitution are one of the risk factors for ED, but it is also possible that other causes such as illness and phytotoxicity, which are not just your own problems, are intricately intertwined. Conversely, ED may be a sign of illness that signals abnormalities in blood vessels and nerves.

If you experience symptoms such as “breaking in the middle of sexual activity,” “unable to maintain an erection,” or “not getting as stiff as you want,” tell your doctor or partner first.

To get your partner to understand

In order to treat ED at an early stage, it is important to get the understanding of the partner. Tell your partner that ED is one of the illnesses caused by physical discomfort and that treatment can improve it.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction during sexual activity can also cause a mental burden on the partner.

If you develop ED, you may be estranged from sexual activity, but if you have a partner, continuing this condition for a long time may hinder your future life.

Confessing ED is very courageous, but ED is a disease that is difficult to improve on your own . Leaving the problem away will not solve it. Rather, it is possible that not revealing the ED may lead to extra trouble.

To avoid this situation, let’s take the plunge and confess that we are suffering from these symptoms.

As a way to avoid worrying about your partner, tell the other person “why ED occurs”, “ED is a curable disease”, and “it is not the responsibility of your partner”, and how will you make it to ED in the future? Let’s discuss whether we will face each other.

If it is difficult to tell the other person, one way is to go to the hospital together and have them listen to you.

Overcoming ED | In order for women to understand ED and overcome ED (erectile dysfunction), which is a male-specific illness that boyfriends and husbands can overcome, understanding of their partner women is indispensable. We will talk about the causes and types of ED, various cures, and what you can do with your partner before the symptoms and mutual relationships worsen.

Common worries about ED

Although the number of ED patients continues to increase in modern society, ED actually existed as a serious disease even in the Edo period. ED, called renal deficiency, was a type of illness that meant severe mental and physical weakness and caused “end of male function” and anxiety. Shenkui is a condition in which symptoms such as decreased fertility and energy appear due to a decrease in immune function and visceral function.

It is said that unfounded rumors such as “the last red ball comes out of the male genitalia” and “premature death” became popular when shenkui was affected.

It is said that during the Edo period, when such a kidney deficiency was feared, the famous Tokugawa Ieyasu was also concerned about his health and used energy-enhancing agents.

Ieyasu Tokugawa worked hard to make children until his 60s, and as a result, it is said that he had more than 18 children. Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered a fur seal testicle called “Ichigane Kintan” as an energy-enhancing agent.

Also, in overseas history, many men are afraid of sexual activity on the first night because it is said that they are socially unfit for ED. It is said that the pursuit of masculinity was the reason why there were many male clothes that emphasized the crotch and images that represented male genitalia. In fact, it is reported that Louis XVI, Hitler, and Newton were also suffering from ED, and it seems that ED has been a symptom of fear for men to be branded as “impossible” for a long time.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Summary

Symptoms of ED include not only the absence of an erection, but also a decrease in the duration and hardness of the erection.
If you feel anxious that you may have erectile dysfunction, you can easily self-check at home, so give it a try.

The cause of an erection failure is caused by several factors such as illness, lifestyle, and stress.
Some people may not have any subjective symptoms, so the symptoms may worsen without even realizing it.

For men, an erection is like a barometer of health .
Erectile dysfunction, which depends on blood flow, may have an unexpected major illness.

If you feel unwell with your male genitalia or are unable to have satisfactory sexual activity, do not think that “this level will improve naturally”, but face ED firmly.

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